Chelsea’s a bloomin’ with creatures

When the sun finally came out yesterday, we went to check out the Chelsea in Bloom flower arrangements all around Sloane Square.

It is of course lots of photo opportunities. We started at Smythson
IMG_5423 This is in front of Savills on Sloane StreetIMG_5424 At Hackett, there were dogsIMG_5428There were cats IMG_5437And rabbit ready for a tea party at Brunello CucinelliIMG_5443And flamingoes everywhere at Kate SpadeIMG_5544IMG_5583There was Cinderella at Brown’s
IMG_5432Along with her pumpkin chariot
IMG_5434 And her lost “glass” slipper – looks like a flower shoe to meIMG_5435 Fairies at Mary QuantIMG_5516 A swing at Liz EarleIMG_5517Just having a read at their sign

At Moyses StevensIMG_5577And this was a curious little shop called Basis ZarzyckaIMG_5552We went in for a good snoop around and guess what I found in there – a wolf!IMG_5566 Cat and mouse – plus all sorts of other “not alive” animalsIMG_5575And George was also allowed to be in the picturesIMG_5572 Good reminderIMG_5558

But not all the displays were big and extravagant – some had palm trees insteadIMG_5453Others simply had lovely flowersIMG_5447 And butterfliesIMG_5449IMG_5454 Mummy liked the little fairies and elves at the Rag & Bone – and we thought that was it IMG_5456But when we went inside, there was a lot more to see! IMG_5458More at Rag & BoneIMG_5461This was at Club MonacoIMG_5504At The White CompanyIMG_5541 Lots of indoor displays thereIMG_5538And at DubarryIMG_5513Sometimes, they were simple displays like this at COS in tribute to gardeningIMG_5511 And at Trotter’s IMG_5533 A little mouse at L.K. Bennett – so sweetIMG_5532 The theme for the Chelsea in Bloom theme, if you have not guessed by now is Fairy Tales. IMG_5509And may everyone all live happily ever after!

You see, George was with us the whole time but Mummy could not let him near any of the displays. Because at every opportunity he wanted to mark his presence. Not a good idea.

May’s comment:  This is the 10th year of the alternative floral art show which is produced in association with the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) – during the week of the Chelsea Flower Show. From the 18th to 23rd May some of Chelsea’s retailers participate in this annual competition by adorning their shop fronts with creative designs to compete for the coveted awards.

This year’s theme is ‘Fairy Tales’.  These are just some of the displays that we saw today – reflecting on the theme of the competition.


  1. Lovely but where are the window boxes xx

  2. Karen Wheeler

    We have had a lovely morning , with the residents of Inver house (care home on the Isle of Wight ) admiring Miss Darcy – we are enjoying her adventures

  3. All in one day….exhausting !!! You are the “dog” paporatzi ( sp) of london.
    Time for ” the Adventures of Miss Darcy ” book. I’ll read it to Jake.

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