Chillin’ out on Skulls & Roses

We are in so much need to chill after our long trips – and see what came in the post. A new chill pad!

And Mummy was being a little more adventurous with our beds these days. A change from those subtle and monotone beds. And definitely moving away from anything that has paw prints, dog prints or bones for that matter.

She found this Moroccan Lounge bed when she was in Miami a few months agoimg_8044 A little small perhaps for the two of us but we both love sleeping in it. It came from P.L.A.Y. and when checking out their website, she saw these chill pads. She was particularly drawn to the very Alexander McQueen-esque Skulls and Roses img_8051and thought it would go nicely in her purple study – where we normally hang-out during the day.

Yup! It’s a little different img_8052but it doesn’t mean anything to us except a place to lie on.img_8055Oh no! Here comes George!img_8057 George: You still have that thing on your hair?img_8058 Why?img_8059 Never you mind! Mummy likes it – so no one, we hope, will think I am a boy ever again!img_8061George: Oki-doki! Whatever you say, Miss D!

May’s comment: Always seeking out a better bed. Love the patterns and quality of the P.L.A.Y. beds – so different. img_8056We got the Small Moroccan Lounge in teal (couldn’t decide between the navy and this)img_8066 and quite drawn to the Skulls & Roses but was unsure how dominant it would be in the home – and Darcy isn’t a Skulls & Roses kind of girl. So found the chill pad instead – img_8065and it does go nicely in the purple study, under the desk. Perfect! We bought this from Crate Ideas in the UK.

Me and dogs loving them both!img_8067Another one on order! Want the yellow or blue bamboo chill out pad!


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Love to see George and Darcy cuddled up together.

  2. Myriam

    Very nice and cute both of them. I have not found any breed of cockapoo or cavapoo in Lux, Belgium,… Any recommandation of a breed in Uk or Germany? Have a nice nice week.

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