The next day after we arrived home, Annie brought George back …img_8018Apparently he had a really lovely time with Stanley. They became best buddies.  He loved being with Stanley so much that he asked to sleep with Stanley in the kitchen.

But he came home all excited to see meimg_8020He even did his little dance routine in the hallway

But I was a little grumpy with himimg_8022I made sure he was on best behaviour
img_8023 Georgie checked out the bow in my hairimg_8026 Well, do you like it?img_8028 We gave George the little present we brought back for him from Lugano.img_8029Little Tommy Turtle.  We thought it is more his size.

Anyway, Georgie, I think we’re all tired. Mummy and I had a long trip and I know you’ve had a fun time and probably confused as to what is happening.img_8043You’ve been away with Stanley while Mummy and I were away. But let’s give today a rest and I will tell you more about our trip tomorrow when we are both more settled and back to routine.

May’s comment: It is always difficult to leave one behind. If I could I would have taken them both but I would never have been able to do what we did.  I had taken them together to Berlin by ferry and train – and we managed because we had a dog-lover at the end of the journey who helped with the two of them.  We would have to travel solely on land and sea. But we’ll go away altogether over New Year’s. Till then we all need a little rest.


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  1. Jill Keiser

    You two look so cute on the blue bed together after your long absence from each other!

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