An Eventful Walk in Chiswick Park ;)

But Mummy is super mad at us!!!!  We’ll let her tell you why later. 😉

It all started out very nicely as we walked onto the cricket field IMG_4308 Lots of open spaces to runIMG_4307And there we met Scooby also a cockapoo IMG_4314 And Stanley immediately took to her and George joined in.IMG_4311Others came to say hello – and we all checked her outIMG_4297George, who really doesn’t know his size decidded to take matters into his own pawsIMG_4301 And told the big gentle soul that she was not welcomed – NOT nice Georgie!!!IMG_4302He pursued to keep others at bayIMG_4316And chased them off!IMG_4315While  all that was happening, I surveyed the land IMG_4291and soon realised that behind the trees were wooded paths and lots of bushes!!!

I decided to run back and forthIMG_4320With Georgie trailing meIMG_4322All was fine and George came running back when calledIMG_4318But when we walked on, he was back on a lead. There are always so many dogs at Chiswick Park … very dog-friendly.
IMG_4326But as we neared the cafe, we all had to be on leads …IMG_4332While there, Linda and Coco met us thereIMG_4340That’s Coco with Annie (Stanley’s mummy).

But everything sort of happened after the coffee break … I so love Chiswick because there are so many new scents and so many interesting bushes.

Once off the lead I ran into the area where it’s a maze of bushes and trees close to wooded areas. Well, I disappeared for a while and couldn’t be seen.  Annie, Linda and Mummy all went down different paths to find me.  Finally, I heard my name being called and I ran in the direction of the voice but I couldn’t see Mummy. I dashed out in the open looking for Mummy, but Linda managed to get a hold of me.  I was very pleased to see Mummy even though I got told off.IMG_4346They thought it would be better to go back to the cricket field – a place we know and we had run around there before. So they confidentially let us all off our leads. Immediately George and I ran into the wooded parts. While I darted back and forth, George shot like a bullet into the bushesIMG_4319 and he disappeared for a long time. We could not hear his jingle bells and knew that he must be sitting in one area waiting for his squirrels.  Two little girls who had spotted him in a wooded area alerted Mummy of his whereabouts and only then did they manage to get a hold of him with the usual trick – treats!

It was quite a bit of an adventure for all of us. I admit that I got lost and only managed to find everyone when I heard my name being called. But Georgie did not get lost, he was preoccupied with his squirrelling.

May’s comment: So if you think this looked like a peaceful walk at Chiswick, NOT! While Stanley and Coco stayed close by and never wandered far, Darcy in her usual style loves to explore.   When in Hyde Park, she can see me but in places like this, wooded areas, she loses sight and takes awhile before we see each other. Scary, adrenaline moments.  IMG_4350As for George, yes, he knows his name and yes he knows who I am but the world is his oyster and he has no fear. He thinks he can come home any time he wants and when he wants to. It did cross my mind – what if we couldn’t find George. If he was in good hands, I would get a phone call because he’s tagged. But if he was in the bushes and we couldn’t see him, we would still be there looking for him. And what happens when it gets dark.

Well, he’s going back on the lead and doing long lead training, is the answer. And he will wear his bells – which was for most times, really helpful because you could hear where he was, It is only when he stops running and sits down waiting for squirrels that makes it difficult to trace. And soon he will be wearing his neon yellow jacket to spot him in the bushes! Back to square one, George.  You have a mischievous streak in you that makes you unpredictable. So good at recall when you want to and so determined when you’re focused on something called squirrels.


  1. Mandy

    My Milo regularly breaks into the (no dogs allowed) graveyard in persuit of those pesky squirrels! It’s the swishy tails I think – dogs can’t resist them!

  2. margaret danks

    Back on the naughty lead for you Young Georgeous

  3. Sarah

    It was literally swarming with squirrels last time I was here. Can’t blame the dogs for wanting to take matters into their own paws.

  4. Miami Malteses

    You mustn’t forget that George will always be a “wanderer” because he lived as a stray. Some traits don’t leave them no matter the amount of training! He also reminds me of Quincy who likes to tell every body off in no uncertain terms but the minute you hold him he kisses you like crazy! It’s a boy thing! Like a jealous boyfriend!!🐶🐶🐾🐾

  5. Beth

    Have you read Control Unleashed? Interesting read which might help with George’s squirrel obsession. Have you heard of premack? Its basically the principal of asking for a behaviour and then rewarding with the behaviour they wanted to do anyway. It means that the behaviour you are asking for actually then becomes more exciting and rewarding than the what the dog wants to do behaviour. So with George it would be a case of asking him to say look for squirrels, then calling him to you, praise for him coming then send him back to hunting for squirrels. Really helped my cocker who would hunt to such an extent he was deaf to everything. He can now be off lead and although will still hunt he WILL come back. When asked to search for bunnies he will give a cursory sniff but then want to interact more with me. We’re working. Worth a try.

    • Miss Darcy

      Must read it! Wow! That sounds like magic. How would George understand me telling him to go look for squirrels?!?!?!

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