Sunday Roast? It’s The Real Dog’s Dinner

Someone told us about these delicious look meals with alluring names …
Tempting Turkey and Rice, Fantastic Fishy PastaIMG_3852They come frozen and had to be microwaved to warm them up before we could eat them … IMG_3853That was yummy!

The next day, Mummy had us share Pasta Bolognese as she thought it best to mix it with our raw meatIMG_4031And kept the Sunday Roast for Sunday – obviously.IMG_4401Oh yes, is that what we’re having – that one small portion for the both of us?  I can gulp all that down in one.IMG_4403Actually there’s rather a lot in there. Once again, Mummy divided it between us and added it to our raw meat. IMG_4404Can we eat now? Enough of posing for photos with delicious food before us!!!!

May’s comment: The Real Dog’s Dinner had asked us if we would like to try their meals.  It sounded really good and the food actually looks human-grade delicious. How fun it would be if I could give them different dishes for occasions. So we tried them.  Darcy and George loved them and couldn’t get enough.  But I was thinking more of the next day when they poo.

It’s difficult to change their food and it takes awhile to see if they adapt.  They are so used to eating their minced raw meat and raw veggies that anything else would not settle well in their tummy. So decided that it can be as a variety – a nice option to add these into their regular meals especially for special occasions.

The Real Dog’s Dinner is homemade high calibre meals frozen for convenience and to preserve the goodness.  Founded by Carley Merritt, who had all her life been involved with dogs. In 2004, Carley opened a boarding kennel in East Sussex countryside with the view of taking care of other people’s dogs as well as helping to take care for the many rescue dogs in the area. Carley wanted all the dogs to be in optimum health and that’s why she started researching and gained a comprehensive insight into current dog foods.  The result was shocking – we know that!  And it was this research that led Carley to produce a range of wholesome, home cooked meals with hearty ingredients such as fresh fish, locally reared meats and seasonal vegetables – never adding anything that was less than 100% natural and could be detrimental to an animal’s health.

I’m a fussy feeder and though I will remain to feed raw, I could use Real Dog’s Dinner as added flavours and special treats ever so often.  Besides the meat, there are veggies and rice which I often add to our daily meals anyway.

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