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Christmas at Bergdorf’s

When Mummy was in NYC, she went to Bergdorf Goodman’s Department Store and lo and behold, Christmas had arrived!

IMG_5296So she thought she would look to see if there are any doggy lookalike ornaments for me or George for that matter. And these were all the doggy ornaments she could find.

Don’t think so.

But the one thing Mummy loved was when she was in the store and the elevator opened on one of the floors were two poodles waiting to go down – she was going up. Dogs are apparently welcome in most retail shops in the States – while it is not always the case in the UK. But on the other hand – we are allowed in a lot of restaurants and cafes but never in the US.  And sometimes even if it’s outside space, dogs have to be on the other side of the barrier – which makes it both inconvenient and dangerous as well.  Mummy saw this while she was driving by in Dallas and reminded her of the times we were in NY.  Even though we were sitting outdoors, they had this ridiculous law that says dogs have to be on the other side of the barrier! As in on the roadside.unnamed-15

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  1. Judith Vogel

    Yes, we’re aware of that strange law because Bennie and I were told she had to be on the outside wall of the Not See thru canvas wall. I solved it by putting her in her traveling
    bag and keeping her on my lap!
    Very silly. I have found a friendly restaurant which allowed Bennie to sit side by side with me each in our own seats (she with her water bowl and me able to eat my Quiche)
    Hugs from me and licks from Bennie to George and Miss D.

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