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Christmas Cockapoo Meet

We lost count today!  Christmas jumpers and ribbons! We were a pretty sight!

We started with about 17 when we had our group photo taken.


Some had to leave as it’s all sorts of Christmas lunches to be had. Then about seven others came later – so we were definitely 20+.

So this is our last meet of the year – it’s been amazing getting to meet all the poos in London – well, almost!

And Freddy did not come! That was the only sad bit. 🙁

May’s comment: It’s been a most rewarding experience to have met all these cockapoos throughout the year.  The group had grown from four to over a hundred on our list. We have the regular group and then the visitors who come to play. But along with it, I have met new friends because of Darcy.


  1. Liz

    Aww looks like a good one! Did Freddy make it?!
    We have our North West Christmas poo meet next Sunday and we’re all taking balls and launchers for a big ‘poo fetch!!

    • Miss Darcy

      No, very sad that Freddy didn’t come. Was hoping to make friends with his Mummy and offer to take him for walks myself since they live a few streets away. Won’t give up. He’s very sweet.

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