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So excited! A sunny Bank Holiday Doodle Meet?

And at a forecast of 29 degrees – Summer’s back!

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Love is Love

Yesterday was London Pride. More than a million people joined the Pride parade.

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Fluff balls meet-up!

It was a grey Monday morning in Camber Sands – and Barnaby and I have put on our matching red Equafleeces  Read more…

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O come, all ye doodles!

A doodle meet in Hyde Park!  IMG_7017 Read more…

The Stoic, the Heroic and the Lunatic!

It’s our July Hyde Park Meet!  And we were at the park!!! – even though it was chucking down with rain. Read more…

See you tomorrow!

We’ll be there … behind the Serpentine Gallery Read more…

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George parties on with Cockapoos!

So while George’s namesake is having a party in Venice with his wedding guests, our dinky George is having a ball with cockapoos of every size and colour!!! Read more…

Two Days to go!

In just two days, I get to see all my friends again. This will be our first Hyde Park Cockapoo Meet for 2014! Read more…

Looking Back to a Year of Cockapoo Meets

We had our last meet of 2013 on 15th December.  Every meet has been a highlight for me.

It all began as a thought that Mummy had – wouldn’t it be nice if I have other cockapoo friends to play with.   Read more…

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Christmas Cockapoo Meet

We lost count today!  Christmas jumpers and ribbons! We were a pretty sight!

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Hyde Park Cockapoo Club from Dasha Hugg on Vimeo.

We ain’t no hound dogs!

Dasha Hugg came to our Halloween Meet on Saturday and made a video of our get together – and we love it!!! Read more…