We’re looking for you!!!

We’re on the hunt – we’re going to find you, Paddingtons out there! We are determined to find as many of you as possible as time is running out and you will soon be gone.

Our first find – Bear Necessities by John Hurt right by the British Museum.IMG_0491 And right outside the Royal Opera House is Rainbow by Darcey Bussell – please note, she is NOT my namesake.  Mr. Darcy was Mummy’s inspiration. 🙂IMG_0493Not so far away from the Darcey Bussell bear is Special Delivery designed by Ben Wishaw . He was inside the South Hall at Covent Garden.

We were in such a hurry going from place to place that George had not had a chance to do his business properly. And just as Mummy lifted him onto the pedestal – he had a little poo!!!!!! Oh dear, George! Not on Paddington, please!!! I looked away and Georgie was a little embarrassed.  Let’s better go.IMG_0498Next stop – Chinatown. Down by one of the main streets, Gerrard Street we saw this cat-like bear!!! A cat bear! How come there isn’t a dog bear?  Paddington Lloyd Webbear by Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber.IMG_0510Trudging along, the next one we found was outside the National Gallery. It The Bear of London – by the Mayor of London.IMG_0503In Soho we found Little Bear Blue designed by Intel. We were wondering why Intel was involved with Paddingtons, and then learnt that they created the graphics that helped bring Paddington bear to life on the movie.  He’s very blue.IMG_0514And last but not least, we found Thread Bear designed by Matthew Williamson near Bond Street.IMG_0520Phew! That was seven bears today! Think that’s enough.

We’ve now found 37 Paddington Bears. And believe it or not there are 13 more of them out there!


  1. Judith Vogel

    Wonderful Paddington Bear travelogue! During our 9 day London stay, we saw about 3.
    News Bear, British War Museum British Flag Bear, can’t recall the 3rd….
    So happy to have George’s and Darcy’s photos on the Bears we never saw in person!
    Merry Christmas to you all.
    With love,
    Judy and Jim

  2. I wish my dog Toby was that well behaved. Darcy is so cute, much cuter than mine.

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