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The End of the Bear Trail

That’s it! No more bear hunts!  We’re done!

Between George, myself, Impostor and Mummy we have found all 50 bears.  And this is our picture gallery of the 50 + 3 bears!  Read more…

Our Final Bear

We have arrived at Heathrow Terminal 5.

After our recent misfortune at O2 Arena, we were not totally confident about this either.  So it was once again a one dog show and not two. This time it was me. Read more…

Sunday Morning Trail

This bear trail is extensive! We’ve been told that there are quite a few of them in the financial area of London. Mummy said there’s no way we’re going there on a regular work day.

So we scheduled a Sunday morning for our hunt where the regular “inhabitants” who are there during the week are not to be found! Read more…


Last week when we went to find the Rolls Royce Bear – he was missing because someone had stolen his goggles and he had to be taken away for repair.  And we were told he was not coming back. Read more…

Selfridges Revisted

We knew there were three Paddington Bears at Selfridges. When George went in search of them, he missed one, so it was up to me to find the third bear.

And as it’s the last shopping weekend before Christmas – Selfridges came in pretty handy. Read more…

We’re looking for you!!!

We’re on the hunt – we’re going to find you, Paddingtons out there! We are determined to find as many of you as possible as time is running out and you will soon be gone. Read more…

Three More Paddys

At Regent’s Park, we found Sticky Wicket designed by Sir Ian Botham.

As we were posing for this photo, a labradoodle walked past and stopped to watch us pose. Her mummy told us how good we were.

Well, if you’ve done this 28 times, she too would get the idea. Read more…

That is NOT a bear!

So I sent Georgie off to find some more Paddington bears and this is what he found!  That is NOT a bear, Georgie. Read more…

Introducing my friends to Paddington

After our run around Primrose, George and I wanted to show Lucca and Rusty the Paddington Bear we had seen earlier on our way into the park. Read more…

The Phantom Paddington Bear

We were approaching our 25th Paddington Bear – hooray!  We were about to make the 50% mark – but alas! There was no bear to be found at Berkeley Square.

Baffled, we thought we better ask Rolls Royce Read more…

We found more Paddys!

On our trail again!

We have been tipped that there were two more Bears near Paddington station but we found FIVE more!!!  That takes us up to 24 Paddingtons.  Read more…

Golden Balls! I mean, Paws …

We found a few more Paddingtons. I knew we were going to a rather high-powered part of London so I wore my trench coat to fit in! Read more…

In our search of bears

Wearing my own duffle coat, we were off looking for more Paddington bears. Read more…

Me and the Peruvian bear

This is the one we wanted to have our photo taken with – Paddington Bear at Paddington Station. Read more…

More Paddingtons along Oxford Street

After Selfridges, they walked along Oxford Street – lots of big buses that George is no longer afraid of. He used to stop dead in his tracks when he saw big trucks and buses. Now he knows how to get on one by himself. 🙂 Read more…

Georgie goes to Selfridges

Yesterday was a shopping day for Georgie. He got to walk Oxford Street and visited Selfridges – dogs are allowed in only if carried – in arms or in bag. Read more…

Meeting friends on the Paddington Bear Trail

Last Sunday when we were in Kensington Gardens on another of our Paddington Bear Trail we ran into some Facebook friends! Read more…

Mr. Dapper Bear

This is Dapper Bear by Guy Ritchie near the Notting Hill tube station. Read more…

We’re a handful

We took the bus to Knightsbridge – this is what we look like when we’re all on the bus these days. Read more…

The Chosen Bear

I wore my Chelsea scarf when we went to meet this Paddington Bear by the Chosen One himself – Mr. Mourinho.  Read more…

We found one Paddington!

There are 50 Paddington Bear statues in London – we found one yesterday. He was at the Duke of York Square –  Read more…