Cockapoos on the Red Carpet

It was Sunday movie day at Picturehouse Central –

We were early – waiting for my movie date with Le Corgi aka Marcel (because Barnaby wasn’t available)It was the doggy premiere of Dog Days –So they all came …one by onebig and smallsometimes two by twoor just onemeeting old friends and new. A few of our cockapoo friends came for the movie eventLeft to Right: Jeb, Cody, Rusty, Cara, me, Mossy, Harley – missing Ted (who came later)
Here we are – all seated and ready for the movie to start –
That’s Ted next to us.I think Mummy was really getting into the movie.It made us laugh, and then I got smothered with kisses when Mummy started crying –  basically most of the second half of the movie!  The storyline touched on a lot of subjects dog lovers would appreciate. Mummy wants to go see it again – and wish she could see it again with me!

May’s comment: Went to the dog screening film premiere of “Dog Days” Picturehouse Central. Enjoyed the weave of storyline and depicting how dogs are so often our connectors.  It touched on a lot of topics that dog owners totally get. They threw in everything that we are concerned with, including chocolates! And even the handsome vet. LOL! OK. No more spoilers. But this is totally for dog lovers!!!

Besides Marley & Me, not sure if I’ve seen another movie that I would say to Dog Lovers – must see. It made us laugh and made us cry – it’s a tear jerker and a rom-com. Most people were there with their dogs – and wasn’t so fussed about the movie – but we all came out saying – that was a really lovely movie. #dogdaysthemovie



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  1. Liz Burman

    Always nice to have a fall back date Miss D!!😂

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