Friendship through our dogs

I once had a neighbour, a friend called Pippa – She was born on the day of the Royal Wedding and thus named after a certain Pippa. 🙂

Those were my early days before I knew any cockapoos – Jaffa, or Rocko, Rusty, Lucca, even before Zavia.

Pippa, a cocker spaniel was my friend.We used to go for walks with our lovely Agnes.We loved playing togetherAnd when we were not playing, we sat together at her home – and we held pawsIn 2013, Pippa and her family moved back to Chicago. Well, it was Pippa’s first time in the U.S. as she was born in England. I missed Pippa and her mummy, Sian a lot.

Our lives moved on, and just when we opened our home to George, Pippa and her family opened up their home to Harvey.Sian kept us updated on what was going on in their household. When she came to visit a few years back, she made sure she came to visit us. And this year, Sian came to see us again. I wish I could see Pippa again. And how fun it would be if all four of us could play together – me, Pippa, George and Harvey.It’s probably never going to happen but we’re so glad that at least Sian keeps coming to see us.

May’s comment: When I began my journey with a dog, Darcy, I thought it was going to be a long and weary road. What I had hoped would happen with Darcy going into my life, didn’t go as planned. I also didn’t know anyone who had a dog in London. I lived on my own and when I went walking with Darcy, I was walking head down, my eyes constantly fixed on her, watching her pull me along – exasperated by her chasing after every moving thing and making sure she wasn’t picking up unwanted stuff.  I wondered when I would ever look up again!

But then I started noticing the other dogs when Darcy would pull to meet them. My eyes then moved from the dogs and up their leashes to the person holding them.  That was how I met Sian. She was walking her two spaniels then and we would run into each other. We started to converse and then the small talk turned into an exchange of information. I desperately needed a dog walker but didn’t even know where to begin to look. Sian introduced me to Agnes at her house around the corner from where we live. And soon, Pippa and Darcy went on walks together, and then Darcy went for play dates.  I couldn’t leave Darcy at home alone while I went about doing things – because I had separation anxiety – not her. Leaving her with another dog made me feel better – which probably led me to adopting George.

How sad it was when Sian and her family moved back to the States – it was all too soon.  We were just getting to know each other. But the shared interest in our dogs that kept us connected.  And whenever Sian came back to London, she always took the time to say hello – just like she did a few weeks ago.I feel blessed by the number of people I have met through Darcy and then George. People I would never have the occasion to meet and no reason to speak. But they have brought friendships that came about through a shared love for dogs – the best catalyst.

“A person who has never owned a dog has missed a wonderful part of life.” ― Bob Barker

Thank you, Sian for always staying in touch. Love to Pippa and Harvey. Please come and see us again!


  1. Maria

    That’s so true. Got many new friends through my cockapoo Molly . Lovely story

  2. Sian

    Thank you May and Darcy! Pippa will always miss her first BFF!! I so enjoy our visits with you! I think Harvey and George would just love each other! I hope to see you all again soon!

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