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While I was running on beaches, through the woods and rolling on fields, my little brother George has been doing more homey things.He’s out in the country during half-term with Jaffa’s family – very much participating in everyday things.

Even when the girls were making breakfast he had to be involvedIMG_1920Or chilling out with JaffaIMG_1915-2And in the evenings, he snuggles with Tiggy, or Titus or Raya. He has three or four beds to choose from.
IMG_4706George and I won’t see each other for at least another week.  But in the meantime there’s life to live, food to eat, people to snuggle with.  We will enjoy our time with these lovely people who have taken us in while we can’t be with Mummy.  But soon we’ll meet up again – for our adventures.

May’s comment: Today I missed my doggies.  Today I felt there’s an end to this ongoing saga.

What I had so optimistically thought would be a day procedure was drawn out to a five-day hospital stay.  Coming out of surgery I was upset to still find a tube sticking out of my stomach and a bag attached to it and then to be told I will be staying in for at least a couple of days.  What?!?!?! Why!??!!?

I was dipping  in and out of sleep through the first night as three hours of general anaesthetic was still swimming in my system. I was in no state to have a prolonged discussion.  The next day the Consultant explained that though they expected the operation to be difficult because of it’s previous state, they had not expected complications – thus the bag and three hours of being “drugged”.

I felt so defeated.  Only because I had imagined myself leaving the hospital, gall bladder free and ready to get back on track. There’s a Hyde Park Cockapoo Meet to go to next weekend. And Halloween things to do. It’s been two months of stalling and the complications just meant more care and time required to heal. I also realised I had to make plans for Darcy and George for another week – and felt really bummed about that.

But that’s all over now and it’s time for healing.  And today, feeling better and hoping to be discharged – I miss my doggies.

It has not been routine for them at all but so thankful they’ve been so well taken care of.  I am glad that they are so capable of living in the moment and enjoying life to the fullest wherever they are.  I know with Darcy there’s always a little worry in her mind about me – if she spotted someone that slightly resembles me she will be beside herself with excitement. As for George, I just feel that he has not been properly grounded yet and sending him off again and again gives him no sense of belonging. Or maybe he’s just so easy going he goes with the flow.  And he’s at home when he’s home.

It will also be different the next time when I see them again. I will be able to cuddle properly in bed without worrying about the drainage bag being sat on or getting tangled with the tube.  We will soon be able to go for walks in the beautiful autumnal weather – and all too soon winter days.  I will be able to wear any coat I want without worrying if the drainage bag will show!  What we will eat – we don’t know yet.

So many things to look forward to. So many days of being together. As much as I want them back for cuddling tomorrow, I know it would be foolish to do too much too soon.  Through writing about this I’ve had so many people tell me of their experiences and offering their advice – things I would never have been aware of – things on a daily level.  The doctors and nurses have been great but at a certain level they forget we’re human and we tend not to follow their advice once they send us out on our way. So it’s through the trials of others that are making me be more attentive to how I should lead my life for at least the next two weeks.

So I’m appreciative for all of you who reached out.  And grateful to all who’ve done so much for Darcy and George – spoiling them so that they rather see you all than being with boring Mummy. I know they’ll come around to their senses sooner or later and knows who buys their food each month, who pays for them to be well and keep them groomed. 🙂  Yes, believe it or not, they both prefer to be clean even though fox poo or cow dung may seem exciting for the moment. Maybe because Mummy gets really mad but she becomes so much nicer after they’ve been washed.

Anyway, I’ve been through this saga with a sense of humour so I intend to continue to do the same. Here’s me – still working with oxygen mask, donning my reading glasses and slaving away to keep up with Darcy’s blog.IMG_4714-3And as always – to the staff at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital – you’re the best!!! IMG_4686Thank you for taking care of me. Lauren, maybe we’ll run into each other at Burnham Market.

And I even have a new toy to play with …IMG_4683And then tomorrow – there’s where I will be – home.IMG_4701If it’s James Bond, he would just have jumped across the roof tops and be in there in five seconds. But human me, I can’t even walk around the block which will take 5 minutes but instead another amazing friend will drive me home. Feeling blessed.


  1. Davina Lawrence

    Hope you feel better soon May. Glad Darcy and George are enjoying themselves.

  2. Alison Mullett

    I’m relieved to read that the procedure is over, now to recuperate and get well. I’m positive Darcy and George are having a wonderful time and soon you’ll all be reunited! Wishing you the speediest recovery xxx

  3. Karen

    Get well soon May, I hope you feel 100% soon. It difficult to be separated from our dogs.

  4. Meg

    Hugs from Chicagoland!! Wilson and Lilly send their love to Darcy and George.

  5. Dear May
    I hope you are feeling better and better each day!
    What an ordeal. I’m so sorry you had to go through that experience.
    Your adventures take us to and through experiences that happen as life gets in
    I the way!
    How brave you are and how you set an example of how to make lemonade out of lemons.
    Not a Pollyana but a true Human!
    Judy and Jim

  6. margaret danks

    Wishing you a Speedy recovery May. Blessed be.

  7. Dawn Walsh

    Hope your feeling better soon May and home with your fur babies. xxx

  8. Rita and Gracie

    So glad you’re feeling brighter and well enough to keep us all up to date with your recovery. Gently does it all will be well and your gorgeous furbabies will be back sooner than you can say good riddance gall bladder. Take it easy and don’t try to run before you can walk!!!!! X

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