At the beach, in the woods and rolling in the fields

Wheeee!  This weekend, we’ve been to the beach in Brighton!  I blend in quite well with the pebbles!

12038310_10156171726125072_7297843178780298169_nMairi was nervous about me getting into the water with strong waves so she would stop me each time.

We’ve been walking through the woods where there were just tons of squirrels.

We walked through wide open fields where I happily rolled in something “smelly nice”.

We had a run around at Stanmer House …unnamed-14before Mairi and friends stopped for cake and tea as I focused intently on the cake.

But when a very large German Shepherd came on the scene, Mairi immediately held me and told me it was ok.unnamed-15Mummy had told her of my phobia. As she held me safely in her arms, I watched intently. I gave one bark to say “go away” before I refocused on the cake.

When we got home, it was wash timeunnamed-16… apparently I had green stuff on my paws and back!!!!

On Sunday evening, Mairi who knows that we watch Downton Abbey religiously, sat down with me to watch it together while Mummy was watching it from her hospital bed.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve stayed with Mairi – she’s a real softie and she will let me do just about anything I want – roll in poo, run like a crazed hunter and give me goodies – with strict instructions from Mummy.

So I think I am going to enjoy the week with Mairi – I am going to see how much I can wrap her around my paws! 🙂

May’s comment: A good friend and a dog-lover – perfect combo!


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  1. Alison Mullett

    Hope Miss Darcey enjoys her week and that you’re on the road to recovery x

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