Creeping into my territory

When we went for our first car ride together – Mummy thought Bobo will be safer on the floor of the car – and surely he’s not interested in what’s out there.IMG_4084 Well, that didn’t take long before he started to encroach into my space.IMG_4087 And then taking up my space as well.IMG_4090Mummy wasn’t happy with that – so she said we have to get another safety belt for Bobo or he will be relegated to the back seat!  Well, I think that’s a good idea so I can lay down without him under me.

Sigh! Back home I even have to share my bed under Mummy’s desk with Bobo. He likes to do what I do.
IMG_4168May’s comment: Darcy’s been slowly giving into Bobo. He just wants to do everything she does. Yesterday she didn’t even want to be in the same room when Bobo wanted to sit next to me. Today she shared her bed under my desk with him. But she wouldn’t let him push her too far. When she was in her bed in the bedroom and he went to sit with her, she chased him out the room so fast – it was like watching  Tom and Jerry!

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