Siesta Time

So much for Mummy telling Bobo – no, you can’t go into the bedroom! Well here we all are – taking a nap on her bed.

It started with me on the bed and then when Mummy came in to lie down with me – guess who popped his little head to ask if he can come up too.IMG_4147So Mummy dearest couldn’t resist that face.

Here’s Bobo on her right, holding onto her arm as he nappedIMG_4155and me to her left. IMG_4157 So what did you say, Mummy? Bobo’s not allowed in the bedroom? IMG_4156

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  1. Maggie Danks

    Oh what a little darling Bobo is. MissDarcy, I bet in a few days you will fall in love with Bobo too. Xx

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