Curious about George

We are all curious about Mr. Clooney, I mean, George as in our little Hungarian mutt. Everyone has an opinion about what he is.

It has been suggested he’s part Hungarian puli (because there are lots of them there), shih-tzu (his underbite, ears and size), poodle (his curly tops and legs with a poodly face), Yorkshire terrier (two toned coat and colouring), schnauzer (also his colouring), even part pug!!!

As you know he came to us from a Killing Station in Hungary.  The only thing we know is that he was found on the streets.  A bit of a mess he was!10410994_283858685157731_9138772470408011702_n-4Thank goodness he had a haircut after they got him out of the Killing Station. We could then see what he looked like.10668258_285259608350972_1384405692_n-2Already looking better, George!

Mummy thought it would be interesting to know what’s in him. Nothing much we can do about it except if there’s a hint of poodle in him, we won’t have to explain his presence at our Cockapoo meets! 🙂

Alas, it was not so straightforward.

Mummy got a Wisdom Panel kit to determine his DNA.  George wasn’t very keen to have swabs in his mouth. He kept chewing the swabs, but we did get something. We couldn’t wait to send it in and three weeks later, we finally got his results – he cannot be determined!

Wisdom Panel explained that they use a database of pedigree, purebred samples of actual dogs from the Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club. So if there’s anything that has not been researched may not be reliably detected.  As George is of Hungarian descent, and Wisdom Panel does not have a presence in Hungary, they do not have a database of samples to represent unique gene pools of dogs there. They feel that the accuracy of his test may be affected if his family lines differ from their existing database.

They did say however that he has traces of a Yorkshire Terrier (we can see some of that in him) but due to where he’s from and that he doesn’t look like a purebred Yorkie, they did not want to be conclusive about their findings.  Maybe he has Yorkie teeth as he kept biting the swabs!!!

So let’s just say he’s a Heinz dog. And a very handsome one. _C9A6731He remains a mystery and we like mysterious men, don’t we? 🙂

May’s comment:  So we can’t conclude what he is and that’s very ok.

But this we know – he’s charming, intelligent, loves a snuggle, runs in circles when he’s excited. He’s a fighter, a survivor, has a huge appetite and gobbles up his food in mere seconds. And he doesn’t get that he’s dinky! He’s a little dog with a big personality. And he is more gorgeous by the day.unnamed-2He has already made a difference in our lives and truly a god-sent.  Can’t imagine him not being in our lives.

This was part of the response from Wisdom Panel which is interesting:

“Similarly, special family lines, or lines which have been consistently bred over time, knowingly or not, from a small genetic pool, or for new traits such as size, novel coat colour, performance, or temperament, can diverge from the known genetics of the breed and may therefore not appear to match fully to their other purebred counterparts which were bred toward the existing breed standard. All are considered forms of genetic drift.

In our research, we have seen this phenomenon in isolated geographical regions, in dogs imported from other countries, and in field-style lines, among others.”

Wisdom Panel said they would refund us since they were unable to conclude what George is.




  1. Rita Betteridge and Gracie

    Gracie is a Springador : mummy is a working springer spaniel and daddy a working labrador…..whilst your gorgeous George is a “uniquenik” ( just made that up obviously) but it describes him perfectly. .hugs to miss D too. X


    George is just unique and gorgeous. He does have very kind soulful eyes. xxx

  3. Laura Cordovano

    Such a handsome boy. What a difference his life with you has made in him. Hard to believe he is the same dog. God bless you and Darcy, May. Xo

  4. Judith Vogel

    I know what George is! He’s a KEEPER. The best breed of all except for Miss Darcy’s of course.Love,

  5. Sian Widner

    My results are conclusive: He is beautiful! What a blessing you are to him to have rescued him!!

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