Rydym yn yng nghymru!

No that wasn’t gobbledy gook! That’s Welsh for “We’re in Wales!” (at least we think that’s what it means!) *

That’s a lot of y and n’s!

So here we are – this is the first time I’ve been back to Wales – this is where I originated from.  Maybe that’s why I am beside myself with joy!

photo 4

We arrived at The Grove  in Narbeth – it’s raining and windy so we didn’t do much but enjoyed the lovely place.

photo 2

We had tea in the drawing room – I’m allowed inside the main house only where it’s wooden floors.


Here’s my welcome package from the hotel.


More later …  we hope this second day of the year might be drier.

Oh, and Blwyddyn Newydd Dda! as in – Happy New Year!

May’s comment: *This was translated by a staff at The Grove – it seems they all learnt Welsh in school but doesn’t really use it – so she was looking it up on the internet! 🙂




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