First Adventure of 2014!

Our first trip for the year on the first day of 2014! We’re going to Narbeth, Wales!

After watching the fireworks last night, we were up by 06.15.  I was dressed and ready to go by 06.45 …


But Mummy was dilly-dallying – so I got tired of standing in the hallway waiting for her.  Think I’ll sit on the bed and wait.

Finally we got on our way.  Mummy made sure I had done my business before getting on the train as the journey will be long. At that time of the morning it was still dark …


Along with Little Tyke, Mini Tyke and their Mummy, we set off for Paddington Station and a new adventure.


Soon we were on our way first to Swansea …


Little Tyke was being entertained by his iPad while I wonder what I was going to do for three hours …


A cuddle with Mummy can only last so long … and decided to snuggle up to Little Tyke


Finally we arrived in Swansea and made a quick change of train to Narbeth.  By then Little Tyke and I were both knackered … so a little snooze.

IMG_9778At 13.15 we arrived at Narbeth … but alas no taxi awaits us. So we had to wait in the rain, but I needed to relieve myself so it was a good thing.

The taxi eventually came. We were so happy to finally get to The Grove – especially since it’s such a sweet little place.


And I had a quick RUN around the grounds.  More later …


May’s comment: Long journey, but straightforward. So we’re in Wales – back to where Darcy originated from!  It’s raining but tomorrow promises to be a drier day!  But Darcy was beside herself with excitement – she skipped and jumped and ran all over the grounds – so happy to get off the train!


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  1. Maggie

    MOh me oh my, Miss Darcy. I wish QI was with you. Well, just to let you know that I was in Swansea, The mumbles! to be precise! for a week over Christmas! I was there with ALL my family, spread over 3 little cottages! I went to the Rhossilli and walked to the Worms Head, I ran and splashed in rock pools in Langland and Bracelet Bay, and the. This funny thing happened, the water just kept coming in and in!! V strange. The sand that I loved digging in, Helping fishermen dig for lug worms I was doing …. Got all covered up!, Not sure I liked so much water ….whether it comes from the sky or the sea!! No wonder Wales is so green …. But we had some lovely sunny, cold days …..I just loved it there. Iwe even had a BBQ on the beach on Christmas Day!! Yummy, lots of stolen titbits ….shhhhhhh!! I have never been to Narbeth, but Maggie, my ‘Damar’, Lydia’s grandma, has and was just telling me how much she likes it there. She says she often goes there when she returns to Swansea. She used to live in Oystermouth, and would like to go back, but then I wouldn’t see her much, so I am trying to stop her!!! Have a lovely lovely time there. Hope there are dog friendly cafés . We couldn’t find any in the Mumbles, but lots of people said I was cute!! The welsh are very friendly and will just love you. Xxxxxf from Sealea Blue

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