Darcy goes to Bronté

I am sure it was Austen who wrote about a certain “Mr.Darcy.”  Have we made a literary mistake with Bronte?

Oh, it’s not Bronte as in the literary sisters.

Bronté is a restaurant near Charing Cross station and when you sit on the terrace you have the view of Trafalgar Square. And perched atop the plinth in the middle of the square is Lord Nelson, the 1st Duke of Bronté.  Otherwise, better known Horatio Nelson. That’s why we’re at Bronte, the restaurant.img_5698-1It wasn’t a very nice day so we didn’t want to sit outside on the terrace.img_5697-1We went in and they showed us to a table at the front in the bar/restaurant area – it was absolutely fine. I also had wet paws as well from walking in the rain.img_5687-1And look, they brought me some water.

This is a new restaurant for us and Mummy had heard that it’s dog-friendly so we had to try it. And because, she said, it’s designed by Tom Dixon – she has a thing for Tom Dixon designs of late.img_5684-1The staff was really friendly, especially the Mexican Manager – he loves dogs!!! He said he wished he could have one but working in the restaurant business would be tough for the dog. We’ve heard that so often whenever we go to restaurants.  The staff there usually misses having a dog – so they come and fuss over us. img_5685-1

May’s comment: Someone had told us that Bronté is dog-friendly and of course we had to go and check it out. It was a rainy day so we didn’t want to sit in the terrace, which I imagine can be quite nice on a sunny day. You can watch the world go by and a view of Trafalgar Square – which we never seem to stop and look at from a distance. We’re either on the Square or we’re going past in a vehicle.

I was also particularly curious about this Tom Dixon-designed, vaguely nautical themed space.  Tom Dixon light fixtures have recently been a favourite – can’t go to any of the design shops and not find him. Quite prolific, but maybe because it’s because his designs always catches my eye.  So I noticed the light fixturesimg_5683-1 And even the candle holder on the table.img_5694-1The menu was ever so different. It’s fusion food inspired by the Pacific Rim – so lots of seafood, thus the hint of a nautical theme.  I had a soft shell crab burger!
img_5691-1Now that’s different.

Was particularly curious about the edamame and kale pancake but I couldn’t eat any more!  Guess we’ll have to go back another time whenever we’re in that part of London – not an area we usually go to.

Have to say the ambiance and location did not suggest good food, so was nicely surprised – something different from the usual European fare.

Located at Grand Buildings, 1-3 Strand, London WC2N 5EJ – a short walk from Charing Cross station towards Trafalgar Square.

Bronte has been added to our growing list under Wine & Dine in our blog tab.  Hard to categorise so we put it under the Asian/Pan-Asian/Fusion.


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