Forget me not – for Izzy

Mummy and I went to visit Diesel and his family in Manchester last weekend.  img_5601I am glad we met Diesel but wished we were going for a reunion with Izzy instead.

We will continue to hope for that to happen some day soon.  We will keep believing, and hoping and we pray for the miracle to happen for Dawn, Ian, Lauren, Eve and Diesel.14203265_1313813238637470_4774358454726263909_n

May’s comment:

It’s been 19 months today since Izzy went missing.  Over the months after that, many of us helped to spread the word about #FindIzzy. We prayed for a miracle, we prayed that maybe someone took her by accident. We prayed for her safety. We prayed for her family who’s lives were torn apart – not knowing where she is, how she is and why anyone would do that to them.

Over the months, many of us reached out to Izzy’s family – with possible photos of dogs that could be Izzy, or made suggestions as to what they should do. Myself included. They have already done everything possible. Many helped to hand out leaflets at pet shows and any fairs, put up car stickers and shared on Social Media.  Izzy not at home where she should be touched our hearts.

Over time, we got to know them as a family. We’ve heard and felt their grief.  We’ve all cried when we look at those beautiful photos of the girls with Izzy,11813439_1475869029391057_1714135956858670438_n-2 or the selfie moments of dad13886395_1627411780903447_8590212813176095183_n and Izzy, and to read all those heartfelt words written by Dawn every day.  13876433_1628322637479028_2277616411290141273_nWords of a deep loss and pain of having lost one of her babies.

I just wanted to give Dawn a hug, Ian a hug, Lauren and Eve. And of course Diesel – because he gave them another reason to love.img_5663And so we met. It seemed we already know each other but we didn’t. img_5638 img_5632Izzy brought us together but Izzy wasn’t there. I didn’t know how much they wanted to talk about Izzy, so I let them talk.

They met Darcy and they compared their sizes. They watched Darcy and said how they were similar and how they were different. We talked about the colour of their noses. 10994173_1396112894033338_751139003843294500_n-580x773-3Izzy’s nose was pink. Darcy’s nose was black but became lighter after the first winter.  But we don’t think Izzy’s nose will change colour.

We talked about their favourite toys, their habits. Izzy was on their mind but they have also been strong and getting on with life.

Yet the decisions they have made about Diesel was all with Izzy in mind – for when she comes back, it would be better to have a dog rather than a bitch. They said, for the duration of Izzy’s lifespan, they will never have a bitch – because it would be easier for her when she returns.  img_5659

We believe Izzy is out there. Someone knows where she is. And as long as we believe in hope –

We will NEVER GIVE UP on you IZZY, we will NEVER EVER give up looking for you. xxx

13886939_1628730614104897_5155528872440672879_nSo on this 19th month of Izzy being taken, we reach out again to anyone who might know of her whereabouts to please let Izzy go home to her family who has a big hole in their daily lives.  May we keep spreading the word till she comes home.  Let’s not forget Izzy, let’s get Izzy home.

Missing since Monday 16.02.15 from Outwood Road area, Radcliffe, M26

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  1. Yvonne Ellison

    A lovely story again, my heart breaks knowing Izzy is still not home, but as you say we will never ever forget Izzy and will keep searching as we know she is out there somewhere xx

  2. anne fisher

    I still cant quite believe how she vanished and not ever seen again. Really, she must have been found by someone. Over the last 19 months it really would be surprising if she hadnt been seen by a vet.
    Surely a vet has obligation to scan every new pet for a microchip? Surely they would need to verify details from the chip? For me, I believe this should be a standard check for every new vet registration.
    Whatever was the outcome from the builders who unfortunately left the door open when thet came on the wrong date for snagging work?

    I could never ever forget about Izzy, just as I can never forget the horror of Willow going missing when out with dog walker.

    Please pass on my thoughts and love to Izzy’s family. Xx

  3. Laura

    My heart breaks for Dawn and her family!! Whoever has Izzy just let her go home where she belongs!!!

  4. Cheryl

    Still praying!

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