Day 4: It’s beginning to look, feel, smell and sound …

like Christmas.

Mummy was busy today. After all the Arctic Circle activities, they were decorating gingerbread men Hoomans of all ages came to join in the fun – not pooches.Isn’t that sweet that Mummy thinks about a lot.Or was it lack of creativity? LOL!

After that, she had choir practice – LOL!  She had to learn to sing Silent Night in Norwegian as well as in German. Mein Problem!

The Norwegian – needs huge improvement! LOL! In English – well, that’s to be expected. The German version – not bad! Too bad we won’t get to see them sing.

We think Mummy likes Christmas. 🙂 She’s so excited and happy about all things Christmas!

Our last walk was at Svolvær at 21.00 – not much sunlight today as we have entered the zone where Dawn, Dusk and Twilight shall meet.And the festivities continued – they decorated the Christmas tree with all the ornaments made by the passengers.Kai won the Christmas ornament prize!

And our Gingerbread heart didn’t win the prize.So tomorrow is Christmas Eve to us, but in most of the European countries, Christmas is on the 24th December.

It’s beginning to look (Christmas decorations are up), feel (Mummy’s happy and excited), smell (gingerbread cookies) and sound (Christmas carols playing in out cabin!) like Christmas!

May’s comment: When I booked the cruise, I didn’t even ask if they would be doing any Christmas programme. I was just so happy that they allow dogs and we would be travelling together – that was already Christmas for me! And to be nicely surprised by all these simple, togetherness activities.



  1. Kathy Shoulders

    Merry Christmas May, Darcy and George!!

  2. Monica Gale

    AMAZING, just amazing May !! Its amazing to see it all through your eyes and those pictures of the kids in the snow are precious. I so would like to experience this with little Olly as well <3 Happy Christmas to you all <3

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