Dear Father Christmas …

As Christmas Day approaches, it will mark the day seven months ago when Harlow went missing.  As we celebrate being with each other, let’s give a thought those who are missing someone they love. In this case it is Harlow …12380296_916060008443218_2082153309_nHarlow is a little long-haired Chihuahua.12346339_1667018906869714_278003521911883954_n She was frightened by a loud sound when she was out for a walk in Pontypridd and ran away. 939128_916060071776545_1952560019_oHer family has been searching for her since – but nothing so far.

Please if you know the whereabouts of Harlow, help her to get home for Christmas. She is part of a family and they are incomplete without her. 12313666_1665569890347949_4139153599250390731_n

May’s comment: I got to know Harlow’s family through this blog and have been helping in our small way to spread the word. Please share if you can especially in the Pontypridd area. We believe she’s been taken.

And we continue to think about all the others who are still lost/missing/stolen.12391980_1667138250191113_8495901737487668117_n

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