Demanding George

This is what happens every morning …

He snuggles up to me before we get out of bedIMG_8527But from the minute Mummy emerges from under her duvet and goes about her morning routine, he insists on having his tummy rubbed when she’s “sitting down” LOL!IMG_8534Georgie, PLEASE!!! Be more discreet.

And he doesn’t stop with the morning.  All through the day, he demands hugs from anyone and everyone he meets. He greets all staff at shops, all waiters at restaurants and even traffic wardens!  Neighbours we meet on the street or just strangers who would stop to ask what he is!

But always, he gets lots of hugs from Praewa
IMG_8022His Godmother!IMG_2928He would jump up on anyone’s lap who is squatting down IMG_4036and surprising them!
IMG_8566He would seek them out for attention IMG_7739Even when they’re stroking meIMG_6912He would say – Me! Me! Me! Love me!
IMG_6905Even people from as far away as Australia came to hug GeorgeIMG_4161And others who have their own “love of their lives”, he manages to squeeze into their armsIMG_7504Hey!!! That is my BFF – Georgie! IMG_1523I think it’s because Georgie IMG_1337is more his size.

But in the evenings when we’re at home, he goes back to Mummy.IMG_8389He sure seems to get A LOT of cuddles – don’t you think?  IMG_8388As I look on longingly for those hugs that I used to have once upon a time.

And Georgie says –  IMG_6680Wink! Wink! 🙂IMG_6679When you grew up without knowing what it’s like to be held and loved, you crave for it, Miss D! Lucky you that you’ve always had so much.

May’s comment: Yes, Miss D, don’t particularly care for hugs!  Actually, it’s not true. It’s just that she isn’t needy like George is. She gives the best cuddles when she hasn’t seen me for awhile. She snuggles up in the middle of the night. She does it in her own time, not like George who goes up to anyone and everyone for some loving.

I love you both!11824079_10153119014359389_1114601688_n

And this was our first hug …IMG_3790-318 September, 2015


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  1. margaret danks

    Dear little Bobo. Have a virtual hug from me, and an extra big one for Miss Darcy

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