December beckons

The twinkling Christmas lights of December make the shorter days and the colder nights – a little more magical!

It’s a time of year when we think about getting together with friends before year end. And we did just that on Sunday, the 1st of December.

Me and Mum, Lola with Sam, Sara, Martine, Navin, Ruby, Melanie
Lisa, Julie, Belinda, Diane, Dean, Tracy, Kevin, Nellie and Barry, Anne

Oh hello Dylan!

He was the life of the party!

George giving loving eyes for Martine.

Bella’s family …

George getting more hugs from Mel.

While Theo and Winston wondering why they’re down the floor.

Of course I got to sit with Mum.

While Skylar stared down Anne’s burger! LOL!

First Mac sat at the back of Lisa’s chair

Soon Maisie was on her lap

Mac was still sitting behind Lisa LOL! – There’s always room for those two M&Ms!

There were lots of photo taking

And then came the birthday cakes!

Who’s birthday is it?

Lola’s birthday coming up soon …

And Rusty just had his birthday.

So did everyone enjoy their lunch?

Just checking for scraps …

Now to walk off the lunch –

But first a group photo with that view of the gardens.

Off we went to the trails where we are allowed off lead.

So off we went …

And then I found a puddle!

And I sat in it!!! I have a cool gilet to keep my body dry – why not?!?!? LOL!

As we walked along we found another spot to take a photo of the house in the distance.

Er, and this is how I looked after taking a dip in the puddle.

But we’re in the countryside – that’s what I do.

We walked on towards the statue – and there was another fab view of the house.

Sorry! Am I in the way?

Oh Theo and Winston – do you have to do what I do?

Rusty walking along nicely.

But all too soon, the skies darkened. The shorter days of winter quickly brought our walk to an end. It was time to say goodbye to each other.

It had been a lovely day of friends spending time together and welcoming the last month of the year. Grateful for our friends.

May’s comment: December comes and it’s full of get togethers – celebrating Christmas and year end. And we did just that on the first day of December when we had a Christmas lunch at the Astor Grill at Cliveden House.

A #ClivedenMoment

I love this photo of us all captured looking skyward – even though it was for a photo.

May the next year bring us many ways of moving forward and upwards in whatever we endeavour.

Thank you for your friendships.

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    Wonderful photos of a very special day for you, and your friends and their lovely dogs. Cliveden House looks amazing. Good to see the dogs off leash, having a good run around, can’t imagine why you decided to sit in a puddle Miss Darcy, you are probably wondering that yourself. Great to see you all having a great time. xxx

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