Sleep Walking

We’ve done the SleepOut in October and on Tuesday, we went Sleep Walking around London.

Not quite what you think. Our eyes were wide open and we saw London in a different light.

The Sleeping Ruff Team (Mac, Maisy, Barnaby George and moi!) were ready for another challenge. We gathered at Leake Street near Waterloo Station to begin our walk for charity in support of Shelter – a charity that campaigns to end homelessness and bad housing in England and Scotland

At 6.45pm, we set off on our 10km walk …

And off we went – so excited at seeing London all lit up at night!

We walked quickly but there was traffic of cars and pedestrians. It was quite a bit of stop and go.

Barnaby & George
Mac & Maisie

When we got out of the West End and more towards the city, the crowds thinned and there were fewer cars as we neared St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Only 4KM?!?!?!? Another six to go!

Reminders along the way gave us the incentive to just keep going.

We walked past the Tower of London and stopped for a pic.

Me, Barnaby, Maisie, Mac and George

Finally we crossed Tower Bridge –

to the South Bank. Surely we must be past half-way!

We were loudly greeted by cheers from Team Shelter urging us on. By then we’ve done just 7KM and still three more to go!

Finally we made it back to where we started. The last stretch was a slower walk. It took us about two and a half hours! But the road travelled with friends isn’t long and the cause – so worth it!

We sure were sleep walking for a long time! LOL!

May’s comment: So far we’ve raised over £680 on our Just Giving Page.

It was really fun to walk London at night – to see places we don’t normally go to and to see it in a different light. We were all so surprised at the level of activities that went on south of the river on a Tuesday evening. We were all saying how we were just tuning into box sets on the telly or having quiet dinner.

Love London, love the many vibes and love when people get together to give back. Love it at this time of year especially. So on Tuesday we gave back to human homelessness. On Thursday, we give back to the homeless dogs.

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