Delivery from Honey’s

Aha! We have another delivery of food. Just then our excitement about food turned to excitement of seeing Agnes!IMG_0477 We’re going for a walk?IMG_0480 Right, Mummy-kins, we’ll leave you to the unpacking.IMG_0485 Please make sure the empty freezer drawerIMG_0484 Gets filled up!IMG_0487May’s comment: Honey’s Real Dog Food now delivers Tues, Wed, Thurs and Fri!  They used to only deliver on Wed and Fri so we had to make sure we get our supply in before we run out.  I always manage to time it to the last roll … nerve wrecking for the dogs I’m sure.


  1. Sarah

    May I have been trying Honeys, Merlin is OK with some of the varieties (not all) and decided to get a delivery tomorrow. How many of those “chubs” can you get into one drawer?

    • Miss Darcy

      Sarah, I always order the minimum so then I have to make it work – the basket fits about 16 and then it overflows into the next one – about four extras.

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