• IMG_5250Beautiful, beautiful Baylee!
  • IMG_5249Miuccia trying not to get wet!
  • IMG_5271Baylee watching Darcy
  • IMG_5253Look at those eyes!
  • IMG_5260Miuccia (11 weeks) and Pearl (17 weeks)
  • IMG_5264Miuccia and Pearl
  • IMG_5252Muffin and Alfie
  • IMG_5273And we met Reuben -
  • IMG_5267And Mr. Ringo, a Yorkipoo still looking for love!
  • IMG_5269Cav Cav is a cavapoo

Despite the Rain

… the cockapoos came!

Mummy had cancelled the meet this morning when she awoke to rainy skies. But Alfie’s Daddy called her from Kensington Gardens at 10.30am to say – there were at least 10 cockapoos. So we got ready and jumped into a cab to get there! And we were sure glad we did!

We met some sweet, sweet little poos! Several people had already left – there were about ten or more – cockapoos are diehards!

May’s comment: Difficult one this morning. Hopefully we’ll get it right the next time. That will be in May.  I think I was still so tired from our trip that a little rain was a huge deterrent.

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