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We read about a dog in Goiana, Brazil who raced after the ambulance who was taking his owner to the hospital.  It was reported that the dog’s homeless owner had an epileptic seizure.

Despite the speed, the dog kept up with the ambulance for several minutes.

243BE79B00000578-2884635-image-a-18_1419316759456-2He was desperate not to lose sight of the ambulance, bounding along in the middle of the road determined to keep up.


243BE7BC00000578-2884635-image-a-11_1419316713813-2The ambulance team tried to shoo him away, telling him to go home – but he persisted.

When he seemed to tire, through his eyes, appealed to the ambulance staff for help. 243BE79F00000578-2884635-image-a-16_1419316748480-2Realising that the journey would be too long for the dog to keep up at that pace, they decided to stop and let the dog climb on board.  When he was in the ambulance, he sat quietly next to his owner all the way to the hospital.

Paramedic Celiomar Ferreira do Couto, 42, who made a video of the dog, said, ‘I’ve been doing this job for 19 years and I’ve never seen anything like it. Sometimes we arrive at the scene of an emergency and there are pets around but they are too shy for us to get close to and they often run way. I have never seen this reaction in all my career.’

Once at the hospital, the owner was placed on a stretcher – and the dog continued to stand by his side.

243BE79700000578-2884635-image-a-17_1419316752625May’s comment:  It’s a heart-rending to watch the face of that little dog – the desperation, the immense loyalty and unfailing love.

We’ve heard so many stories of humans being absolutely sad when our beloved pets get very ill.  This is their side of the story. They too feel desperately sad when we are not well.

Daily Mail – Devoted pet chasing ambulance

P.s. We don’t know what happened to the man nor the dog.

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