Discover Dogs at Earls Court

This is London’s biggest dog show and event! And I got to go with Little Tyke!

Indeed we saw some really BIG dogs …



Organised by The Kennel Club – I am technically not a recognised breed so I thought I had better get there and have some representation – at least the attendees can see what a cockapoo is! And guess what? Quite a few people came up and asked what breed I am – cockapoos are contenders for quite a few but of course they didn’t see any there – officially!

And I wanted to see all those recognised breeds and what the fuss was about.  As far as I can see, they have four legs, hair, fur, ears that stays up or down and the same soft, sad eyes. And they love a tummy rub!


There were dogs of all sizes and colours and shapes!

IMG_5864 IMG_5858 IMG_5869

We got there early so when 11am came along, we all stood in silence in memory of those who died to keep us safe.


We also met James from Cockapoo Club of Great Britain – he recognised us because he reads our blog!


And then Mario from Richard Ward also saw us there – they are the ones who makes the Pet Angel!


Little Tyke went to Young Kennel Club to listen to some stories and did a Doggy Dance!  He and Mummy won the Best Booty Wag and got a ribbon to show for it!

IMG_5921 IMG_5955

I also got to meet Haatchi and Owen. I didn’t dare go near Haatchi, a HUGE Anatolian Shepherd So I had my picture taken with Owen instead.  He’s very sweet and told Mummy I needed a new lead because the one I have is a little chewed by yours truly!


May’s comment: What a fun event to see every breed of dog – recognised by the Kennel Club.  The best part about the show – everyone there loves dogs!

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