Let’s start at the very beginning

A very good place to start.

When you read you begin with A-B-C

When you sing you begin with Do-Re-Mi …

When it’s doggies in a row it’s treats, treats, treats!IMG_7774 And I’m the one with all the tricksIMG_7781Treats, treats, treats

We had Jaffa, another neighbour of ours, joinsus yesterday …IMG_7748Three apricot cockapoosIMG_7755And one little black mutt … pssst, we think he’s more and more Yorkiepoo!  Wonder if it’s because he’s been hanging out with so many cockapoos his poodle side is emerging! 🙂 IMG_7751There were a lot of dogs out – some really BIG onesIMG_7785We checked them outIMG_7794Whoa! What’s this one?IMG_7787Let’s surround himIMG_7791George thinks he can take on this one aloneIMG_7792So I intervened – no, Georgie, I don’t think this is a good idea. Have you looked in the mirror lately?IMG_7790He sure is interestingIMG_7788 Even I could not resist checking him outIMG_7789 While Jaffa looked at the worldIMG_7756George all in blue – two collars – one with jingle bells!IMG_7809May’s comment: Happiness is four pooches! 🙂IMG_7741Darcy, George, Jaffa and Charlie!  Yes, four!


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  1. Alison

    Looks like you all had fun

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