Doggy art at Anthropologie

We were walking along Kings Road when we walked past Anthropologie and saw these dog sculptures –IMG_7514and of course we had to go in to see what they are about.

IMG_7498Each one of these are made up of reclaimed children’s toys to form stunning sculptures.  They call this upcycling IMG_7490This one is called “Precious Too” IMG_7488On close examination, it’s made up of soft toysIMG_7836The “Suitcase Corgi” –IMG_7496Is made of plastic toysIMG_7834 The “Alsatian” consists of plastic planes and guitarsIMG_7835This is “Doggerfly”IMG_7495He’s all clothes pegs and butterflies.IMG_7838A “Wir’ed Terrier” in the windowIMG_7515Made or Plastic Toys and PencilsIMG_7843And “Hallo Kitty”! IMG_7493Need we say more?IMG_7840Mummy thought this one called “Precious” resembles me the most.

IMG_7027It’s made up of toys and buttonsIMG_7837Hmmm she’s right – somewhat – missing the tail.IMG_7483We are going back this evening to meet the artist Robert Bradford.

May’s comment:  An exhibition at Anthropologie on Kings Road by Robert Bradford – really quite amazing to look at.

It’s called Upcycling, Assemblage, Trash or Junk Art – mainly about transforming discarded or otherwise useless everyday objects into impactful artworks of value.  Also a good commentary on consumerism and commodification.

This form of art originated in the early Twentieth-Century under the influence of artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Robery Rauschenberg, Man Ray and Pablo Picasso.



  1. Jocelyn

    I bet u hv one done of Darcy, they are very attractive, and will look nice in your apartment X

  2. Ellen

    Looks amazing, thanks for sharing. Wonderful that you can bring Miss Darcy into the exhibition, I would love if we had more pet friendly places in Brisbane.

  3. They are lovely, xx

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