Do we have to share?

It’s delivery day! It’s our box of food from Honey’s  – and our house guests, namely Charlie and Jaffa 

– greeted the box of Honey’s with great curiosity … IMG_4023 Charlie was really keen to open itIMG_4025 He is so determined and strong – he could pull the box along …IMG_4027 All the way into the next room IMG_4032Actually not, Charlie, the truth is, it may smell good but the rolls of our yummy meaty food are safely put away in the freezer.IMG_0487-580x435And the answer is – yes, we have to share our Honey’s.IMG_4049But there’s enough to go around.

May’s comment: Our monthly delivery of Honey’s Real Dog Food – always a moment of excitement. Love the food, love the service. So glad that three years ago when I was telling everyone who wanted to hear about Darcy’s terrible poos, that I learnt about feeding raw. No, I said, Yuck! Smelly! Not convenient as we travel too often.

A good friend then started to feed her dog raw and she told me about Honey’s.  And I heard it being recommended again and again – whenever we talked about runny poos, upset stomachs. So I finally thought that when Darcy celebrated her second birthday, that I should give it a try.  And we haven’t turned back since.

Darcy lost her chubbiness, her hair became healthier, no more smelly breaths and most importantly – no more smelly wind especially when we’re in bed! And of course no more runny tummies and vet bills every few weeks.

Raw is not for everyone and there are a few other brands out there. I started with Honey’s but was open to trying the other tubs of food – which seems so much easier to pack for travels. So I asked the others what is the difference between them and Honeys’ and they offered me the info that Honey’s is organic and they’re not.

As long as they’re on raw – it’s a start to healthier feeding.

Some others I know make the food themselves. I don’t have the patience. Squeezing our bloody raw meats is as far as I can go for now. 🙂


  1. Julia

    Harry loves his raw food. We ran out yesterday so he had to have Aberdeen Angus minced steak this morning! Our delivery arrives today. Phew.

    • Miss Darcy

      I know that feeling – esp with Charlie chomping on our supply – it had gone so quickly!

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