An Apricot Convention + 1

Our neighbourhood is overrun by apricot cockapoos. And they are even colour coordinated in their Equafleeces!IMG_3998Darcy, Jaffa and Charlie went to the park
IMG_4041And got very wet.IMG_4042I would have liked to have gone too but Mummy sent me on a playdate with Maddie – to keep her company as she’s home alone.IMG_1867-2Do you think it’s because she thinks we match in colour and size?

And when those red Equafleeces came home, they were a complete mess!IMG_4011Darcy tried to shake it all off before entering the flat.IMG_4008They were all sent straight to the bath
IMG_4015As Mummy rinsed off their muddy paws one by one – and dried off their wet heads!IMG_4018 But that was not the end of it. The door bell rang and guess who arrived? IMG_3986It’s Marley, the toy apricot poodle.

So, I came home after they were all cleaned IMG_3989I am the Plus One.IMG_4044Feeling a little left out at the apricot convention. 🙁

Because I’m the odd one out – I’m the little black dog.



  1. Kathy Haigh

    Oh gorgeous George, you are so special precisely because you are different. These apricot cockapoos are two a penny – but don’t let my Nala hear me say that!

  2. Nancy Koon

    Oooh. Georgie is the special one!

    They need to have booties like the Iditarod dogs wear!

  3. Margaret Danks

    Oh my little Georgeous. You are a very special, handsome, lovely little chap

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