Do we need more bow ties?

There’s always another occasion for a different bowtie!

On our Autumn break journey, we stopped in Exeter St David’s to visit Distinguished Dog Company – the makers of amazing bandanas and bowties – we only have “a few” – LOL!

Yes, Freddie and I already have a good collection of bowties and bandanas from them (pssst – Freddie has waaaaaay more than I do). As Exeter is on the way to Cornwall, we had to stop. After all, Fred and I are product testers for Pet Edition!

In this very barn is where those beautiful bow ties and bandanas are made.

And we had the privilege of seeing part of Tracy’s Winter collection …

How many bow ties can a girl have? Never enough!

I have a feeling – there will be a few more to add to our collection.

When Tracy heard we’re going onto Cornwall, she thought surely we must have a Kernow (Cornwall) tartan bowtie! She got to work immediately!

Tracy at her trusty sewing machine – where all things are personally crafted.

Then she added little bands so we can slip our collars through them.

And the final touch – the little tags of Distinguished Dog Company.

Now we’re ready for Cornwall!

Who knew there was a Cornish tartan!?!?! We learn something new every day.

The national tartan of Kernow (Cornwall).

A little googling told us the significance behind the colours of the Kernow tartan –

The white cross on a black background is from the banner of St. Piran, the Patron Saint of Cornwall. Black and gold were the colours of the ancient Cornish kings. Red is for the beak and legs of the Cornish national bird, Chough. And of course, blue is for the sea surrounding Cornwall.

Thank you Tracy! Now, onto the next part of our journey!

Back pack ready!

May’s comment: All these wonderful bow ties are available on www.Pet- – the new collection will be launched soon.

At Exeter, we stayed at the good stand-by, always dog-friendly Hotel du Vin, at Magdalen Street, Exeter EX2 4HY – formerly an Eye Infirmary, this iconic building is centrally located.

Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant but we could dine at the bar with them. But the staff kindly set a table for us in the lounge where it was more comfortable. At breakfast, we had our own table in an alcove again the lounge area.

– and they offered the dogs sausages.

I think the dogs approved!

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