Wind-blown at Land’s End

Penzance! Mum thinks about Pirates, Poldark and Pastis.

Just couldn’t wait to get from the train station to “the End.”

We arrived at Land’s End Hotel – and checked into the Penrith Studios.

Mum! Look! There’s really no more land beyond this point!

We hurried outside – to see “Poldark country” – breathtaking rugged coastline!

But where’s THAT signpost?

The other way?

Being wind-blown is part of the effects of this photo op!

Mum forgot to bring her yellow rain coat!

A bit of history about this signpost …

And more recently …

Next on the list of things to do … put on the Kernow tartan bowtie –

To partake of a Cornish Cream Tea!

Just checking we’ve done it the “right” Cornish way!

But alas, we noticed something missing. Apparently we were told that you should first spread butter , then jam and finally clotted cream. But there was no butter on offer!

At “the End,” it wasn’t as desolate as it was made out to be because right around the corner from the hotel is a complex of shops, restaurants and entertainment.

The winds were very strong and the rains came and went. We watched the skies change from our room.

And we wandered out only to have dinner at the hotel.

Land’s End may be the end of the “land” but there are ways of going beyond. Till tomorrow!

May’s comment: Always wanted to come here with my two pooches. Now we have another memory.

Land’s End Hotel is dog-friendly. We had a room in the new Penrith Studios.

Fab view!

They provide a bed and bowls. Dogs are not allowed in the restaurant, but you can dine at the bar. When dining with dogs, you are allowed to order from the restaurant menu. Again, breakfast at the bar.


  1. Margaret Danks

    It is beautiful in Cornwall May, I think I have a photo of Maggiedog and I there . Have fun, lots to see ! ??❤️

  2. Suzanna

    It’s always enjoyable to read about your adventures. What a fascinating place to visit!

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