Do you hear what I hear?

Georgie, we’re in our onesies again, and you know what that means – park run!!!!IMG_1702But do you hear something/someone coming? YES!!!!IMG_1707Yes! Yes! Yes!  It’s Olivia!IMG_1709“Olivia, I get to go along today,” says George. IMG_1710 “I am so excited.”IMG_1712 Well come on then, Georgie, enough of such display of emotion!IMG_1713 But before we get our paws wet, we’re taking a Team Red photo – George, me and Jaffa!IMG_1715 And then we’re off! IMG_1719

And the end result …IMG_1718HELLO Mummy!!! We’re coming home!

May’s comment: Thank goodness for Olivia, our dog-walker! She always takes at least two of the three. George usually doesn’t get to go but today he did because I have to go to a construction site and go shopping at the unfriendly dog department store on King’s Road! 🙁  So they go play – hard and then they all play even more at Jaffa’s house and then they come home for supper.


  1. Margaret Danks

    Look at their wee tails going!

  2. Jill Keiser

    I can see why they wear their onesies out to play, especially on wet days. I will have to get some pairs of those for Gina (doxador).

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