Do you know Milo, aged 2?

This little guy, Milo was tied to a post at Green Drive Area of Lytham, Lancashire and found on the 21 November. 

107857_aHe is not chipped, his disc was removed but written in pen on his too tight red collar is his name, Milo, aged 2.  He was taken to the local dog warden and now being cared for at Sundown Kennels in Lancashire.
15230632_10154699539374328_874513408887003513_n-2For whatever reason, he was left, we may never know and we’re not here to judge.

Just thinking about Milo. He must have been so confused when he was left tied up as the person who did so walked away from him.  Thankfully it’s a popular walk and part of it leads to a local school – so he was found earliest possible, though he was shivering and frightened.  When Julie, the person who found him untied him, he was going to bolt.  But soon he was grateful to Julie.

He is now being cared for at Sundown Kennels in Lancashire – and we hope he will soon be cuddling with his new hooman.

May’s comments:  At the time of posting, Milo is still not reunited with owner.

There are many interests in Milo and no doubt a home will be found for him.  But he cannot be adopted till at least seven days after he had been handed to the Dog Warden.

The only reason Sundown Kennels would like to speak to his previous owner is to understand Mylo’s needs and if there are any conditions his new owner might need to know.  If you know Mylo and you are his previous owner, do call Sundown Kennels – use a withheld number, just help them find him a home that can accommodate any of his needs.

Call Sundown Kennels – 01253 884183



  1. Penny Pumpkin

    Poor beautiful Milo. So glad he will soon be in a forever home. Bless him.

  2. Alicia

    I don’t understand people who abandon pets. It makes my heart so sad for the pet. I am glad he was found quickly. I wish I could give him a new loving home. I hope his next owners spoil him to bits.

  3. Margaret Danks

    we aren’t here to judge, but I can’t understand how people can do this. The saving grace in this sad story is that whoever left Mylo, left him in a well walked area, so they would have known he would be found quickly. So sad.

  4. Rowena

    Well that is the tragedy, we simply don’t know the story or circumstances so of course we cannot judge. The fact he was left in a high traffic area, and that they wrote his name on his collar, well, doesn’t that just speak volumes that he must have been much loved. I am imagining some poor battered wife, about to run away, or a deeply troubled and desperate person at their wits end… but that is just my imagination running wild. My thoughts and prayers go out to Milo and his human/s, new and old.

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