If it was me, I would have been dunked!

Day 2 of Impostor’s trip to Jordan with Mummy, they went to the Baptism Site at River Jordan.

If it was me instead of cardboard two-dimensional Impostor, I think I would have been dunked! Phew!

It was a long travelling day – again! img_9916They left beautiful Petraimg_9935And drove through miles and milesimg_9940Of changing landscapes before arriving at Aqabaimg_9955At the Red Sea they looked across the vary large lake and waved “Shalom” to Israel!

And guess what happened? fullsizeoutput_3f5 They waved right back! That’s how close they were.

From the Red Sea, they drove to the Dead Sea.
img_9980Along the way they ran into a herd of sheepimg_0014 But look who’s shepherding them!img_0028 Not quite the English Sheepdogimg_0020Maybe that’s why a few got away!img_0016LOL!

They drove up to a high point to have lunch at Panorama …img_0022After the scenic photos were taken img_0009Mummy saw these three cats prancing aroundimg_0002Keeping an eye on her food!  And as they were leaving the place –img_0011There were four puppies playing by the road side!  The closer they got to Amman, they saw quite a few strays or maybe they were just taking time off from not shepherding sheep.  img_0097Like these guys.

It was actually very sweet that Mummy’s driver who himself is afraid of dogs, but not Impostor, because he was bitten by one when he was six years old. Over the last few days, he had picked up that Mummy loves dogs. They were driving along when he braked and started to reverse. He told Mummy that there’s a photo she would like to take – and it was those five dogs – they looked like a family. The big dog started barking at them and then they all ran in between the gap into the farm where they live. img_0099They were on the road to The Baptism Site at River Jordan –
img_0069They had to walk through this Russian Orthodox Church and Pilgrimage Hotelimg_0067On the other side of this building is the part of River Jordan where Jesus was baptised.img_0046As Impostor looked on worried that she might get dunked!

Just on the other bank of the river, behind the greens – is Israel.  In fact, when we went up the steps again, we looked over into the neighbouring country.img_0085We went inside the very ornate Russian Orthodox Churchimg_0077To light candles –img_0080Mummy lit one for the hoomans in the surrounding countries – for that very elusive thing called “peace” may one day soon be upon them.

And I lit one for the two doggies we know who are still not home, Izzy and Harlow, and for all the others who have been taken or gone missing.

May’s comment: I came to Jordan for one purpose – to visit Petra and then discovered there’s so much here.  Just super crazy thinking that we walked the earth that Jesus Christ once did.  Wonder what he thinks of all the commercialism around him. 🙂


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    I don’t think he is too impressed by the lack of peace in the Middle East. As far as commercialism is concerned, he does understand that people need to make living to feed their families, as long as they do it honestly.

  2. Geraldine

    Thank you for your thoughtful post, and for sharing photos of an incredible site!

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