Am I still your Number One?

Tomorrow will be a week since “Dinky” came to our home.  I am wondering if anyone cares about how I feel – as I blog this from the floor of the cab where I once was on Mummy’s lap looking out at the world.

I know Mummy had been telling me about his arrival – albeit only like a few days before. But I didn’t know what it meant and I had no vote in it.

All of Mummy’s friends have been fussing over “he-who-has-no-name”. Yes, poor thing he had a difficult life and Mummy had said he can come and “stay for a while” before he goes to his forever home. But this is feeling very “forever” for me.

IMG_3776Kim, who helped Mummy to go to pick him up.IMG_3849My lovely Agnes letting Bobo kiss her.IMG_4195Aunty Jane giving him hugs.IMG_4393Jacqui saying hello. IMG_4517Marta comes all the way from Poland and she used to say she loves me. Today she was “in love” with dinky! 🙁IMG_4027Even my groomer who tells me I am pretty is fussing over this little thing.IMG_3789And Mummy’s first hug for a petrified “he-that-has-no-name” …

I have been feeling a little left out and “unnoticed” – I know everyone feels sorry for him but he is also quite the charmer. And whenever Mummy mentions Killing Station, everyone scrunches up their faces and feel even more sorry for him. He is quite a little darling and he really knows how to milk it. So back to me – the once “love of Mummy’s life” – I am not so sure any more.

“He-who-has-no-name” seems to want to take over my place under Mummy’s desk. He also wants to compete with me to enter the home first. He really wants to come into my life and I have let him. The only time I was really annoyed with him was when he tried to sleep on my bed in the bedroom. Mummy had told him he couldn’t enter the bedroom – and he did and he came to sit on my bed!!! I chased him out!

And when we went in a taxi yesterday, where I am usually on Mummy’s lap, there perched on her lap is Dinky! I was relegated to the floor.IMG_4385But otherwise, while I am sympathetic towards his needs I am feeling a little dejected.  When will all this end?IMG_3889May’s comment: Making sure I am spending as much time as I can with Darcy – need to figure this one out. This is the one factor that is holding me back from keeping “he-who-has-no-name” – I miss my “Darcy & Me” times. As much as he had wormed his way into my heart, Darcy is my first love.  Cannot believe I have such difficulty moving from “just the two of us” to “just the three of us”



  1. Tania

    Aww you’re being sooo good for accepting him Darcy and I’m sure your mummy and Dinky is thankful for that! Things will get easier I am sure as Dinky learns what is expected of him and your boundries. Your mum has a huge heart, plenty of space for two so try not to worry x

  2. Miami Malteses

    Darcy you will always be Mummy’s first love and her little angel! Perhaps Mummy can do the same things for you both without giving one preference over the other..that’s what our trainer told our Mummy and it works really well..if Quincy gets hugged and kissed then Mummy puts him down and picks me up and does the same thing and he waits until it’s his turn again! The same with food, sitting on her lap, under the desk, etc. she does double everything for both of us!! It’s the best!

  3. Maggie Danks

    Oh beautiful MissDarcy.

    You do look a bit dejected but you will always be mummys number one. Yes, “he who has no name” has had a tough time and mummy wants to help him. But she is also trying to make sure you are not left out. I am sure you would come to love ” HWHNN” if mummy kept him, and just think, when mummy was out, you would have company and someone to play with. There was a lady on here who was in utter turmoil because she had got a new puupy poo and her lovely older dog was very put out for about a week. Now we see photos of them both snuggled up on the same bed, totally in love with each other. This too could be the reality for you MissDarcy. Keep strong xxx

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