One-on-One Time with Mummy

That was “Dinky” a.k.a. HWHNN (He-Who-Has-No-Name) and not me. I got to go for a walk with Agnes and then I was at the groomers. And during all that time, that dinky little thing had one-to-one time with Mummy.She wanted to show him a few things that she and I always did together.

They went to lunch at Henry Root – that was also my first restaurant experience.IMG_4495But HWHNN didn’t know it was a restaurant. He stood very still and looked around. He didn’t sit, he just stood on all fours and looked ahead –IMG_4466Looked behind IMG_4477And looked ahead again – wondering what are all these interesting smells coming fromIMG_4476 As they always brought me water, they also brought HWHNN some water.IMG_4502Then he asked to sit on Mummy’s lapIMG_4500 From there he watched what was going on. But he still didn’t know food was about to appear on the table.IMG_4485And when the food came, he was amazingly well behaved. He didn’t beg until Mummy spoilt him with hand-me-downs. He had a bit of burger and some chips. Tsk! Tsk! Mummy – you know you shouldn’t.

And then guess where they went – they walked over to Chelsea Farmers Market – oh no! They went to one of my most favourite places of all time – Dri Dri, the Gelateria!IMG_4504 But HWHNN didn’t know what he was about to experience but he was not attuned to it either. If it was me, I would have jumped up on the seat next to Mummy and expect to have my own Crema gelato (made with eggs). Instead HWHNN sat and watched the world go by.IMG_4512 Until Mummy gave him the last bit of her cone – no, she ate all the chocolate bit and he had the crema at the end of the cone. And apparently he did not eat the cone either. I usually chomp up the entire thing.IMG_4516So HWHNN had an interesting day. He was really knackered by the end of it and fell asleep in Mummy’s arms as she was having a pedicure!IMG_4520And after that they came to get me at the groomers.  I look groomed but missed out on a fun day. Sigh!

But Mummy told me it’s nice to be able to show HWHNN some of my experiences with him. He has a lot to see in this new world where he now lives. I hope he enjoyed himself.

May’s comment: What a difference. Miss D is such a pro at all these places – she knows exactly what it all means. It is such contrast to see how a dog that comes from a different background has no idea what this is all about. Onto more adventures HWHNN!


  1. Miami Malteses

    What a fun day! If he was a street dog he probably got shooed away from all these places and did not know what to expect! So always haired and looking around. His face is getting cuter every day!

  2. Maggie Danks

    He really is Dinky May,, you get the scale if how small he is when he is in the bag. Hope MissD didn’t feel left out x

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