Do you think we need a haircut?

It’s time to get cleaned up for Christmas! Or just so we can see!

So we had our Christmas grooming party yesterday at Jaffa’s. As we take turns, Mummy and Camilla had a great idea – they sent us three for a walk with Olivia – so we can get as dirty was we wanted and make the grooming more worthwhile! LOL!
img_1084 Off we went – leaving the scene clear for little Bear.img_1087He was a little nervous to say the least, holding onto Mummy’s leg for dear life – “Don’t leave me here!”img_1086But it’s good for you, Bear. It may hurt a little but you will feel better for it.

Soon, we were all back from our “not so muddy” walk, much to Mummy’s disappointment.

And Jaffa was next. img_1090She didn’t like the sound of the hairdryer so she had a muffler.

And here’s JAFFA all fluffed up and her long, long fluttering eyelashes.img_1095No wonder Jaffa is smitten by her.img_1102But George, you need to hide that little tooth of yours sticking out.

And Marley is happiest after he’s all done and looking handsome!unnamedOops! It’s my time – looking like a Babushka or drowned rat.img_1106I think you have to look bad first before you can be glamourous!
img_1121And a Christmas bow for my hair. 🙂

May’s comment: We’re now ready for Christmas. No more muddy walks till the 26th, guys!img_1111Really?


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    What a very beautiful and handsome bunch of pooches you are, all bathed and fluffed ready for Santa? I love the picture of Bear clinging to his mummy’s leg. Elsie used to do that, but now she’s an old hand at this grooming business and leads the way into the salon. Nothing to do with treats of course!

  2. SamanthaR and Lola Cockapoo

    Ha – I’ve declared today was the last day of muddy Rutland walks! Groomers tomorrow and then trying to stay (reasonably) clean for the arrival of guests! Fingers crossed….LOL!

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