Does “next-the-sea” mean beach?

As we walked along Staithe Street, we thought we had walked into a dog’s parade!IMG_2082Therefore dogs, dogs, dogs everywhere!!!
IMG_2078 IMG_2079 IMG_2083 IMG_2084 IMG_2089 IMG_2091 IMG_2092 Quite a few cockapoos!!!IMG_2094 And these are mini labradoodles!IMG_2099There was a pet store which I had to go and check it out.IMG_2087See I told you there were dogs everywhere!IMG_2104 And dog treats at bakeryIMG_2096People here definitely have dogs on their minds. 🙂

We finally made it to the walk along the coast towards Holkham Beach – IMG_2108 And along the way, of course – more dogs!IMG_2110And then finally we arrived at the Beach Cafe!  Hooray! IMG_2112We had been here a few months ago when we stayed at The Victoria Inn in Holkham.

IMG_2115 And they even have a Bark-Up BarIMG_2114And parking places for us …IMG_2120Then we went to get what we came for – ice-cream!!!IMG_2117 We didn’t get to squeeze him – we would have loved to! IMG_2119 Yay! Our humans know we love ice-cream.IMG_2126 IMG_2124IMG_2123IMG_2132IMG_2131IMG_2130Bow looking at the cone disappearingIMG_2136Oh, Bow’s thinking – that could be for me!IMG_2137Right, now let’s go to the beach!!!

May’s comment: North Norfolk – amazingly dog friendly!!!!  Been to Norfolk once before and had just a glimmer of how many dogs are welcomed but this time at Wells – it just gives the sense that dogs are very much a part of everyday living.  So have dogs – go East!!!


  1. Jan Cockle

    Hi May
    We go to Norfolk as much as possible as we can always take Roxy GoldenDoodle on the beach. We had Ozzie Airdale before and when she died we were heartbroken and walking on a Norfolk beach where there are soooo many dogs didn’t help….so along came Roxy. Thanks for writing a lovely daily blog and sharing so much:)

  2. Alison

    Great to visit dog friendly places!

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