Just being “DAWG”!!!

Mummy just renamed me – “Sandy Dawg!”

Puddle Nr. 1IMG_2150 Puddle Nr. 2IMG_2151Puddle Nr. 3IMG_2152Puddle Nr. 4IMG_2153And so on and so on …

Bow watching usIMG_2163

And then BIGGG “puddle”IMG_2159 And scaredy George not going in!IMG_2158After getting wet, here’s something really nice just rolling in the sand.IMG_2160George had sand all over himIMG_2175We had the best, best, best time!  (yeah, right! says Mummy)

And we met other cockapoosIMG_2165 And had a good run around with them.IMG_2171We were all a bit tired by the time we left – so instead of walking back to Wells, we took the “train”IMG_2177The happy passengersIMG_2182So tired – just needed to put my head down.IMG_2181More like a train that seems to lose it’s engine every 15 minutes!IMG_2186May’s comment: What a fab run for all of them – love seeing them run on the beach.  Darcy has become more and more confident each time in the water.

George, still unsure. Better that way – he still gets a lot of sand regardless.


  1. Marzi

    I love Wells and Holkham 🙂
    How did you manage to smuggle sandy Dawgs back into the hotel?

  2. Miss Darcy

    They’re dog friendly and they know all the dogs will come in sandy just from running on the beach – that’s mainly the reason why people bring their dogs there.

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