Dog-friendly in Shoreditch

We went to an event at Pitfield, a cafe cum shop that has furniture-design-curiosities-gallery!

On Pitfield Street …IMG_9707There was seating outside, IMG_9701But we went inside – yes! Dog-friendlyIMG_9698Me waiting by the tables when Mummy went for a cup of tea – much needed after our journey in the tube!

We snooped around at all the curiosities before Mummy went to her meeting there.
IMG_9689 There were many most interesting things to look atIMG_9694 Quite a few doggy-themed itemsIMG_9695See what we found – old copies of Tail-Wagger and Family magazine –IMG_9692Dating back to 1957 and 1958!!!  That’s really old – that was before Mummy was even born!

Well, it was a nice little adventure to East London … IMG_9703Who dropped that cigarette butt by the flower pot when there’s a litter bin right next to it?!?!?!?!

May’s comment: Finally decided to take my interiors seriously!  Have joined and went to a Houzz event at Pitfield to get some help.

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