Megève – be ready for us!

Mummy went with Impostor to Megève thinking it wasn’t dog-friendly …First day on the slopes, she met at least four dogs – at the restaurant on top of the mountain.This poor little chap was shivering in the cold – maybe they should get him an Equafleece.

And when Mummy was coming down in the cable car – she met this little sweetie – ever so friendly.She had been out walking with her owner.

And as she was walking back to the hotel – a little chap hurrying up the stairs.He must be cold!

Note: no boots and no coatAh, but these little ones have coats.Mummy asked the owners about dog-policies on the slopes and was told that dogs can just about go anywhere. Maybe not run down the slopes but they can definitely go for walks.  They are allowed in the cable cars going up the mountains but not on the ski lifts – as the only way down is by skiing. I think it inspired Mummy – and we think there’s a trip in the planning. LOL!

And I will be in all my splendour – all my various coats, Equafleeces and snow boots – probably embarrassing. 😉

May’s comment: We’ve hit Megeve at high season – right smack in the middle of school half term – both France and internationally.  Late in planning, it proved difficult in finding a hotel – but we managed to find rooms in Rocheburn – right by the slopes. Unfortunately, it is not dog-friendly.  We’ve also tried the chalets and again not dog-friendly. Resigned to the fact that I couldn’t bring my pooches, I decided to focus on the kiddies. It turned out to be a good thing. It would have been difficult to manage both human and furry kids.

But when I saw dogs on the summit, I was missing my dogs. Sasha said he misses them too! 🙂

I started to inquire.  Realising that I could actually go on walks with them on mountain paths, I now needed to find places to stay. The people I asked were unfamiliar – there was one possibility, they mentioned.

When I went into the town centre, I couldn’t believe the number of dogs I saw –

From the biggest!To the smallestThey were all breeds Some were walking off lead Every few seconds – there was another dog Some I have never seen beforeSome were going about their business in the snow. I was just thinking how sociable they all were – not a single bark. I think Darcy would have gone berserk when she came across that HUGE dogBut there’s always one that was very vocal and his owner was embarrassed by his barking and started hitting him with her gloves.When we went inside an interior design store, we met NinaWhen she saw Impostor, she ran to hide – amongst the store window displays!Well, we could only try getting a photo of Impostor with Nina – as passers-by looked on in amusement at what was going on.I think Nina wished we were soon goneShe finally sat by the door – after having exhausted all ways to get away from Impostor.I spoke to the lady in the shop and she said to me, “At Megeve, we love dogs.”

Out on the streets, I took photos of almost every dog I came across in just half an hour while walking around the town centre.There was yet another bear of a dog!Big and smallBut no doodles of any sort in sight.

The doggies went shopping and into restaurantsBut not in food stores.As these two were tied up outside.I concluded, dogs must be welcomed in Megeve. I went into the very busy Moncler shop, And spotted this rather stylish dog coat. There was just one left in orange. It comes in black and red as well – and thankfully Darcy wasn’t with me.  It wasn’t easy to try it on a 2-D version of Darcy so we didn’t get it.

After wandering around for a while, I decided to have quick bite to eat at my favourite hotel in town – Mont Blanc.
And Impostor made an appearance.
I last stayed at the Mont Blanc about ten years ago.  At that time it had never occurred to me to even ask. Why would I?. This time I did and super excited to learn that Hotel Mont Blanc as well as their sister hotel, La Ferme de Marie is dog-friendly. It doesn’t get any better! So I think a return trip with doggies will make new memories. And Darcy might be the first cockapoo at Megeve! LOL! While George already has a restaurant with his name. 


  1. Alison Rixon

    Hi May
    So pleased you have discovered Megeve IS dog friendly
    We have just returned from Lech with Mr Hugo (we watched Paddington 2 together) can highly recommend Hotel Goldener Berg – we had a great time there & everybody made a fuss of Hugo – we took Le Shuttle & drove to Austria
    Hope to see the three of you soon

    • Miss Darcy

      Hi Alison, Always wanted to go to Lech – so this is going on our list!!! And we are going to the cinema next Sunday – a film I actually want to see “Lady Bird.” x

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