Sunrise at our own “Serengeti”

While Impostor has been doing the chic snow scene in Megève – 

Our scenery is a little different.

On our morning walks in King’s Forest, the ground maybe at most dusted with frost –We walk along together while I’m always trying to get to the front of the pack while George is racing to catch up with me! And at this gathering of mutts of all sizes, George barks at no one – unlike when he’s in London.

With a thousand acres to run, I take advantage of the space – for I have a need for speed.And with the others, we explore the vast landscapeAnd note – that while all of us run and walk together …George could not be trusted. He’s on his leash when we walk in the woods. And then I tease him for being the odd one out! LOL!

In the evenings, we all are tired from our day of walks and plays and we all hang out on the sofas and scattered beds in the doggy living room.We just sleep around … don’t worry we are all neutered and spayed, so no hanky panky. LOL!

We behave quite differently when we’re at the House of Mutt than when we are at home. I would never tolerate any dog near me when I am sleeping –But we’re a pack here – I am not Mummy’s precious girl. I even let Lyra use me as a pillow. LOL!

And it’s not unusual for George to take top dog position.Or he likes to snuggle up to any hooman in the room.May’s comment: I always enjoy looking at pictures of them when they’re at the House of Mutt – to see how they behave in the different context. Fussy pot, Miss Darcy, is so much more agreeable and becomes much more of the pack. George even in the hands of the Pro proves to be unreliable. He could not be trusted when walking through the woods where there’s wildlife and no fences within a thousand acres!!!! Can you imagine if he decided to do a runner? That said, I think he will come back but all in all he is such a liability!!!


  1. Cheryl

    I’m so glad they have a chance to run and play! They do look like they are having a grand time! I have a feeling they’re much happier at the HoM than in snowy Megève. Though I’m sure they miss their mom!

  2. Sandy

    Looks like Darcy and George are having a lovely holiday too ?

  3. Tony

    The House of mutt looks like a fantastic place for a doggy holiday, it is great to see poos having such a good time

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