Dogs are welcomed

Yes, we are welcomed at Danesfield House Hotel & Spa in Marlow-on-Thames.

After our stint in Marlow, we arrived at Danesfield HouseIMG_1088 We had to wait awhile in the Great Hall for our room to be ready.IMG_0894Rather grand indeed.

After some tea and biscuits, we were shown to our Garden Suite room – hmm, this is rather nice.  We each have our own chair – how considerate.
IMG_0900 George spotted right away that we have a very large “garden” right outside our room!IMG_1086So off we went to exploreIMG_0924Lovely formal gardensIMG_0921IMG_1089Acres of green to runIMG_0933 IMG_0929IMG_0967We walked all around the back and got back to the entrance of Danesfield HouseIMG_0943Well, that was a satisfying walk – love that we have a garden right outside our door.IMG_1034May’s comment:  We go to Marlow often to see friends and for meetings.  We thought we would try out some of the accommodation that way.

When I made my reservation at Dansfield House (Marlow-on-Thames), I inquired about it’s dog-friendly policy. They have only two rooms for dog occupancy – both garden suites.  Sounds good. Dogs are not allowed in any of the public areas – to which I asked – so how do we get to our room? LOL! Oh, you can walk through, just they can’t be loitering in the public areas.  Asked if there’s anywhere I can dine with them.  One staff said they can sit in the Great Hall and I can have my breakfast served there. IMG_1075 Another said – not at all – I can have room service.

Thankfully when we arrived, we could indeed sit in the Great Hall for refreshments and breakfast.IMG_1072However, they are allowed to run off leash in their 65 acre gardens. Well, from a dog’s perspective, I am sure they would rather have the garden to run. IMG_0931Equally, they would rather be with me when I dine than be left in the room.  IMG_1035After our many experiences staying at “dog-friendly” hotels with my two doggies, I think the term should be further fine-tuned.  I would categorise the “dog-friendly” hotels as such:

Dog-welcoming hotels are properties where dogs are allowed in public spaces as well as being allowed to be left in the room. They can dine with owners in their restaurants, bars or a designated place.  They have accessories to welcome the dogs – beds, putting out two bowls (one for water, one for food) in the room, treats in the room and towels for drying them. E.g. Ashford Castle in Ireland, Corinthia Hotel in Malta, Victoria Inn in Holkham, The Belgraves in London

Dog-friendly hotels allow dogs to stay. There is always somewhere you can dine with your dogs, e.g. lounge or bar area but not in the restaurants. They don’t usually have dog accessories – sometimes they have a token bed and a bowl.  I think this is often down to Management not really having given it too much thought about dogs as guests. E.g. Hotel Costes in Paris, Cliveden in Buckinghamshire, Kinloch Lodge in Isle of Skye, Hotel du Vin in Poole, Birmingham, Edinburgh, etc, etc

Dogs-permitted would be places that are similar to “children should be seen and not heard” – dogs are not allowed in public places, dogs cannot be left alone in the room, you cannot dine with them anywhere within the property – so you ask, “what should I do then, if I can’t leave them in the room and I can’t eat with them?” Their answer, “we’re sorry, that’s our policy for health and safety reasons.”  Very annoying answer – as we all know in the UK – it’s down to management whatever you decide to do on your properties.  Yes, we have stayed in one of those. E.g. Westin Hotel in Paris, Four Seasons in Dublin, etc, etc.

Danesfield House I would categorise as “dog-friendly”.IMG_1090And Miss Darcy needs a hair cut!!!


  1. Sarah

    May I have said this before – you MUST write a guide to travel for dog owners! This is such useful information. I am planning to go on a dog walking holiday with a friend this spring.

  2. Jocelyn

    I see that Miss D has gone for the Lucca look, although did hv a cut and blow this week, and looked quite Darcyish for about one day X

  3. Kim

    I agree with Sarah, and I love your blogs Miss D. Xx

  4. Dawn Walsh

    We love The Inn on The Lake in Ulleswater May, and Ruby has a fab time there. It’s amazing all the places we have found who welcome dogs. X

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