Shopping at Little Marlow

Niki came to pick us from Danesfield House for a spot of shopping in Marlow.IMG_1014We don’t see Niki a lot but we remember her well.IMG_1017 Whenever we get into cars in the countryside, we have to sit in the boot. I think it’s because they seem to assume that we should and Mummy doesn’t particularly like either of us sitting on her with our wet muddy paws. Thank goodness she bought us some Underwater Dogs products!IMG_1122 We went to Little Marlow because Mummy needed new wellies. But she didn’t like the colour – it’s too countryfied – she’s waiting for the Le Chameau navy blue ones. LOL! More appropriate for the city girl.IMG_1092 We then went to Home Barn Vintage store to have a snoop around – IMG_1095 Snooping for both us and the hoomansIMG_1096 This caught my fancy – very interested in the scent of this.IMG_1100 How do we look, Mummy?IMG_1103And we pottered around – lots of things to look at in here.IMG_1110 After that it was lunch at The Royal Oak. We’ve been here once before and Mummy likes it here.IMG_1117Good country pub lunch – sausages and mash.IMG_1113 Georgie was the centre of attention – other customers stopped to say hello and admired the coat he’s wearing! 🙂IMG_1116 And he barked at Claude – this sweet-faced dog at the other end of the bar!IMG_1119Then it was time to go home.

Well, we had a nice visit. It’s back to the city. Back home. Till our next adventure.

May’s comment: Have always loved going to Marlow/Henley-on-Thames and a good friend lives out there. So it’s a double treat.IMG_1020Niki is a doggy-person so she tolerates my ongoing effort to find dog-friendly places. When speaking to her we came to the conclusion that there’s a difference between city dogs and country dogs.

I suppose due to the confines of space, city dogs tend to be smaller on the average and we live with our dogs in close proximity. City dogs also do not walk through muddy fields to get to where we need to go. Mine are obviously city dogs. And since I am also OCD, my dogs are probably cleaner than most as I obsessively brush them, rinse their paws and they wear coats whenever it’s wet outside. That’s because my London-size flat cannot tolerate a wet, muddy dog. So while I know my dogs are as clean as dogs can be, not everyone sees it that way. And I cannot assume hotels and restaurants to make an exception to the rule. But now I can understand why London is comparatively more dog-friendly.

So whilst out in Marlow, we did find a few dog-friendly places.

Thankfully The Royal Oak has very good food. IMG_1112The Two Brewers, a pub with good food, though only allow dogs in the bar area. This is surprising for a pub.IMG_0865And then there’s The Dog & Badger – they DO NOT allow dogs because they have an open kitchen – is their reasoning. I pointed out to them – there’s a dog in your restaurant’s name and a picture of a dog in your logo. LOL! IMG_1025But look who we found there – Paddington Bear!!! We last saw him in London!IMG_1026Here’s a list of dog friendly places found at Barkers – but even that is incorrect as we found out unfortunately that The Coach, where I really wanted to go to is not dog-friendly.



  1. Rita and Gracie

    Good morning May Darcy and George, I don’t want to send you into a spin but I read an article just yesterday that said the dreaded Alabama foot rot had been identified in Marlowe….please make sure that you wash your fur babies feet after walking in the fields. Just a precaution and not trying to scare you but us townies are sensitive to these headlines. Love and licks from Gracie and me. Xxx

  2. Ian Harrison

    Thank you May for all Miss Darcy’s wonderful blogs. We love reading them so much and feel that we know your beautiful dogs so well now. What characters they both are! Miss Darcy looks so like our Archie. Every day we look forward to the next instalment. We realise how much time and effort goes into producing the blogs. Hope you continue for a long time to come – it is so much appreciated!

  3. niki

    We enjoyed your visit guys. and appreciate your help on operation cockerpoo.

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