My most favourite store in the whole entire world!

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I could not believe my senses.

Dog’s Deli has got to be the best doggy store.  IMG_4208 There were rows and rows of dog treats that they make themselves.IMG_4212 Look at all those yummy-yummies!IMG_4216 And there were bottles of raw food.IMG_4220 I just had to check out everything!IMG_4213 Everything looked really good!IMG_4214Behind the counter was a whole big box of treats!  IMG_4239Now if I can topple that over I will be over the moon and all my dreams would have come true!

There were toysIMG_4210 And all things doggy IMG_4223 These are the things Mummy loves.IMG_4219Though cockapoos are not known in Germany, but labradoodles are, the lady knew exactly what I was. She even told another customer all about the poodle crosses.

The nice lady gave me lots of treats …IMG_4230 And I loved performing for her – as long as there are treats.IMG_4232There was even a treats dispenser IMG_4211But it was not for sale.IMG_4241Mummy left the store with a bag full of treats for me and George.  We’re well stocked for the next six months.

May’s comment: Loved the Dog’s Deli from before and still love it now.IMG_4209

They bake all their own dog treats and they have lovely and very different doggy things


  1. Rusty

    Looks fab Darcy

    Woof woof

  2. Margaret Danks

    Doggy delights galore Miss D.

  3. julie McEvilly

    Bailey would also love to explore Dogs Deli! Its a pity its so far away.
    Have a lovely time xx

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